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"Ryoko! Ryoko where are you?" A male voice called. A young girl sat behind a tree, covering her mouth to stop small giggles from escaping. A black-haired boy ducked around the tall willow, dark green eyes glinting with excitement, a grin adorning his face as he looked down at the small girl.


"Ryoko! Ryoko where are you?" A male voice called. A young girl sat behind a tree, covering her mouth to stop small giggles from escaping.

A black-haired boy ducked around the tall willow, dark green eyes glinting with excitement, a grin adorning his face as he looked down at the small girl.

Laughing, she jumped up and ran deeper into the forest, trees flashing by as her short legs moved as fast as they could.

The taller male was close behind her, his hand reaching out and brushing against her long red hair.

Giggling as they ran, they both collapsed when they ran out of breath, the boy grabbing onto the young girl's hand.

"Ryoko…when we grow up, let's get married!" He exclaimed. Nodding, Ryoko opened her mouth to answer.

The fairy tale scene was abruptly shattered by a loud yell coming from the direction of the boy's house.

Stepping off the bus, Ryoko took a deep breath. Finally, they were here. She had been attending Mavis High since the beginning of high school and was now in her second year. Walking up to the gate, she was stopped by the guard. FIRST P.O.V. "Can I see your badge?" He asked gruffly. Stuttering out an apology, I quickly sifted through my bag, desperately searching for the lanyard. Upon finding it, I pulled it out, causing a folder to fall out and my blank paper to scatter everywhere. "Really?" I muttered under my breath, hastily showing the man my badge before bending down to pick up the mess. I fell backward, startled when I saw someone bend down next to me. "Oh-sorry, I didn't see you." I awkwardly coughed out. The girl smiled shyly, running a hand through her black pixie-cut hair. "Sorry…didn't mean to startle you." Jumping up she took a step back. "I'll just…leave now. Sorry." She stuttered. Staring at the girl, I caught a glimpse of her lanyard. She was in her second year too, that was good. I shook my head, standing up and holding out my hand. "Sorry, it's nice to meet you. I'm Ryoko…are you new?" The girl hesitated, before taking my hand then quickly retracting hers. "Akane," She muttered quietly, putting her hands into the pockets of her hoodie. "Is it that obvious?" She asked nervously. I shook my head. "No, this is just my second year here…I thought maybe I didn't recognize you or something, but you look really familiar." I grinned, hoping I didn't look as weird as I felt. "Thanks for trying to help- oh snap. The papers!" I exclaimed quickly bending down and retrieving all the pages I could grab on to. Akane bent next to me, helping me pick up the pages. "What classes do you have?" I asked, curious to see if we had any of the same classes. Akane quickly responded, listing off her classes as though she had prepared for someone to ask that question. Nodding, I desperately tried to recall my classes. "We have the same first period, third period, and fifth and sixth." Akane nodded. "It's good to have a friend," she smiled, then froze. "I mean- if you want, we don't have to be, you know, if you don't want to." She stumbled over her words before giving up and looking at me. I grinned before nodding. "Yosh! My first friend here!" I turned and looked up at her grey eyes and studied my new friend. She wasn't too tall, but she wasn't short either. Somewhere around 5'6. Nowhere near as tall as the guy on the bus. Looking closely, I noticed she had three piercings on her right ear, two cartilage hoop piercings, and one stud. On the left ear, she had one stud earring, and a stud nose piercing. In all honesty, it looked amazing. It reminded me of my want to have more piercings, but the two cartilage ones I had were plenty painful, thank you. Akane wore an oversized black hoodie, with black jeans, and black dart martins. I blinked, before looking again. Black, her entire outfit was black. It took everything I had not to embrace this person. I could already tell we were alike, and her black outfit had confirmed that. My wardrobe consists of big hoodies, black jeans, and black shoes. Catching her looking at me with confusion, I glanced away quickly. "Sorry, uh- let's go to class?" Akane nodded, a small smile on her lips. "Let's go!" She exclaimed happily, her. I nodded, and we started walking towards the classroom together. *Time Skip to during Lunch* Akane and I were standing by the door of the cafeteria when three blonde haired girls sauntered up to us. "Oh! If it isn't the girl, who ran into Quintin. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be flat on your face somewhere?" They laughed at their petty insult, waiting for me to reply. I opened my mouth to answer, when a girl strutted up, looking like she walked out of an action movie. She was adorned with ripped black jeans, black combat boots, a white t-shirt, and a green jacket. Her long blonde hair had streaks of turquoise, her blue-green eyes flashing, standing to her full 5'7 ish height. Clearing her throat, she stepped in front of them, looking extremely pissed off. "Ehm, ehm. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what immaturity looks like." Inspecting her French painted nails, with teal where the white should be, she smiled. "I really don't want to break a nail, I just got them done. But since you're asking, I shall oblige. I'll give you three seconds to run, 3…2…1-" The three girls shot off like a bullet, not needing to see her wrath to believe it. Chuckling, the girl turned towards Akane and me. "Hello there, my name is Cenexia, it's nice to meet you milady. Sorry about these rude mortals, don't pay them any attention." She held out her hand confidently, a smile on her face. Captivated by her strong appearance, I slowly put my hand in hers, before retracting it. She held out her hand to Akane, who promptly grabbed onto my arm. "Nice to meet you…" Akane shyly whispered, before looking away. Cenexia just grinned again, seeming excited about something. "So I heard they're having pizza for lunch today," I said, trying to start a conversation. "Do you guys like pizza?" Akane perked up, and Cenexia scoffed. "Do I like breathing?" She smirked. "Let's go, milady!"

Jolting upright at the sound of crashing in the kitchen, Ryoko was rudely awakened.

She hastily threw on a jacket and ran downstairs to see her mother sitting next to a shattered plate, the woman looking dejected.

A lone tear escaped from her mother's face before she wiped it away and smiled.

"Sorry about that, I dropped it. Breakfast will be ready in a minute, why don't you go get dressed?" The blonde woman prompted. "I don't want you being late for school.

" A low chuckle escaped from her mouth. "I remember when I was with your father, we would always ditch class to run around town, of course, the teachers never appreciated it.

Did I tell you that once we got caught by the police?" She sighed. "My father was so upset at me…but Shu never batted an eyelash. Your father was so brave back then.

" Standing up slowly to avoid getting cut by the glass, the blonde woman looked lost in her memories.

"Mom…the eggs are burning." Ryoko hesitantly interjected.

"Oh! I forgot! You don't mind them a little overdone, do you?" The woman winked, a small smile on her face when Ryoko shook her head.

"I'm going to go get ready now," Ryoko quietly muttered. "I'll clean up the glass, so focus on the food." He mother hummed in acknowledgment before Ryoko all but crawled up the stairs.

Mornings were not her thing and the fact that school started only made everything worse. Quietly closing the door to her room, she began to search for something suitable for school.

She found a long-sleeved black shirt, a red hoodie, black jeans and a pair of old black boots.

Going with what she had, she quickly got dressed before heading to the vanity stand and applying a light foundation.

Putting on a small bit of eyeliner and lip gloss, Ryoko decided it was good enough. Ryoko smiled before sitting on the top stair and sliding down step by step.

When she reached the bottom, she raised her fist in the air and turned around to face the stairs. Her face fell when she remembered that her dad wasn't there to slide down after her anymore.

Sighing she dragged herself to the kitchen and swept up the shattered glass before sitting down at the table in front of the food her mother had cooked.

"Here ya go! Hope you enjoy it! It has all my love," her mother excitedly chattered. Smiling up at the woman, Ryoko put the food in her mouth, before gagging.

"Oh my gosh, mom. What did you do to this?" Her mom quickly grabbed a fork and took a bite of the food.

"Oh, I- I guess I put sugar instead of salt." Ryoko internally facepalmed before deciding to make light of the situation.

"Well…your love certainly is sweet." She grinned while the blonde woman's face lit up.

"Let's order pizza, it won't take too long to get here, and then you can go to school." Ryoko shook her head reluctantly.

Even though pizza sounded heavenly, if she were late on her first day, people would find that a good reason to make fun of her.

Whatever, they would probably find something to make fun of anyway, but still. Being late was not an option.

Grabbing her backpack and headphones, Ryoko ran out the door and headed for the bus stop.

"Yes! Five minutes early." Ryoko exclaimed, causing people to look back at her with strange looks. "Sorry, sorry." Ryoko quickly muttered as a group of girls giggled as they looked at her.

Sighing with relief, she lined up as the bus came into view. As she stepped onto the bus, she was pushed forward and nearly fell on her face.

Everyone started giggling and whispering as the person behind her continued to shove her forward, before pushing her out of the way and sauntering past.

Gritting her teeth, Ryoko held back an insult. "It's fine, just endure it." She muttered quietly. She was gruffly pulled up by her collar and set upright by a tall male.

"Why don't you move, brat." The boy growled, his voice low and dangerous.

"S-sorry, I'll move now," Ryoko stuttered before looking up. Her bright blue eyes clashed with his dark forest green ones. Everything seemed to freeze around them, as they stared at each other.

The moment was abruptly shattered when the bus lurched, and Ryoko fell forward, hitting her head on his chest. Immediately people started laughing again.

Stumbling backward, she gasped out another apology before letting him pass. ‘That was weird…' she thought. ‘It's almost as if I knew him…' she shook her head.

‘My imagination is just getting weirder and weirder,' she sighed before finding a seat.

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