Loki X Melissa part 3
Loki X Melissa

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After the kiss Melissa gets a flashback from what her Ex did to her

Loki X Melissa part 3

*Loki walks to Melissa's room to see if she's okay, pretend he's upset whilst walking*

Knocks on the door "Melissa, could I come in"

"Y-yeah come in" *still crying*

"Hey what's wrong, why are you crying" goes and sits next to Melissa to comfort her as well as rubbing her back

"I'm sorry for walking out after you kissed me from the dare, it's just that I had an abused flashback when my Ex was hurting me a lot"

"Oh I'm so sorry about that"

"It's okay now thou, I know I've just been crying and all but I just got emotional after... that... kiss, but anyways it's in the past now"

*then out of nowhere Loki pulls Melissa in for another kiss*

*Melissa looks at him a bit happy now*

"I'm sorry about that It's just... I thought it would cheer you up a bit"

"It did cheer me up a little bit"

*Melissa pulls Loki into a kiss this time, Loki then accepts the kiss and they kiss for a minute before coming back for air

*Looks at Melissa with a smile "Wow, urm... I have something to tell you Melissa"

"Whats sup Loki"

"Well urm... when we got introduced to each other, I've had a feeling for you since, and that's why I came and kissed you when I got asked to do my dare, and so I think I'm in love with you Melissa"

"Loki I... I-I love you too" * as she smiles*

Part 4 is coming soon, thank you for reading and comment down below if you'd like another part to this

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