Chapter 2 - For the love of girls
Chapter 2 - For the love of girls  lgbtq+ stories

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Chapter 2 - the journey

Chapter 2 - For the love of girls

Here we are 4pm, the excitement of the evening had me ecstatic. The fizzing of my limbs, I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

The rush of students excited for the end of the day, running into their friends arms.

An out burst of loud conversations can be heard from a mile away.

Jaunty carrying myself down the small gravel strip. where all the coaches prepare to handle a stampede of students; desperate to get home.

I pull out my phone to text “her”, ‘her’ with the brown eyes, ‘her’ the one with glorious brown, flowing, soft hair. ‘HER!’

Both filled with the utmost excitement, resort to calling. We talked about “how much we can’t wait to cuddle”, “how much we are going to eat”.

It was like I was about to go onto a rollercoaster ride. Little did I know that was only the start of the beautiful rollercoaster.

The much awaited coach trip was commencing. Just 45 more minutes, just 30 more minutes, just 10 more minutes. Counting down time like it was my job, like I controlled the clock.

Passing through a small town, reading restaurant names like “Gaylord tandoori” (not even joking).

I have my phone call still running, I was so nervous to talk. The bus was increasingly silent. I didn’t want to be embarrassed, if everyone could hear the conversation.

I sit up in me seat as soon as I see the gas station, I immediately say “I can see it, I’m going to be with you in a moment”. She put her little black leather boots on.

After She pronounces my presence to her mother, I can hear the wind from the phone as she is walking with a fast pace.

The nerves and excitement dissipate once my shoes hit the concrete.

I start to walk up to where our meeting point was ( The little spar has station on the corner of the road). I pass a quite little shop that’s just about to close up for the night.

We are still on the phone. as I cross the road I see this little shadow. I’m freaking out, I can hear her freaking out 2 metres from me. Maybe it was the phone that made it more prominent.

I ask “can we hang up now?”, We stand for a moment. Unable to see her in the dimly lit corner. She says “yes”.

The nerves hit the roof, I can’t hold it in anymore. I start to run to her, I see her finally as she runs to me. She jumps into my arms, I hold her as tight as I could.

She gave me a soft kiss, that swelled my heart like a million butterflies. It was like I had known her for several eternities.

It was like a scene from a movie, beautifully perfect in every way. I never felt anything when I had kissed anyone else in this world.

The way she kissed made me feel a million different things in a million different ways.

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