The Gift Of Misery
The Gift Of Misery  stories

loganpasseya lover for peace and an addict of fun
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Misery is present at some point in our lives but how do we handle it? Do we let it drag us down or use it for good? Remember that everything happens for a reason and you should love your challenges

The Gift Of Misery

What defines us? Our actions, thoughts, or behaviors?

The way we handle misery is a must and we should not fuss because that’s what defines us.

Now, misery is a dangerous thing when used for good

It slings life’s greatest difficulties and makes you feel blue,

Yet misery is a tool to help us start anew!

While miserable we remember the greatest days and strive to be there again.

Without misery, Happiness and peace become a myth.

So when misery comes back because it always does,

Just accept it for what it is.... A GIFT

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