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The one I called Father

the one I called Father

You were the one who didn't breath,

The one who cut deeper,

The Dreadful, Abusive, Morbid BACKSTABBING father,

I used to call Dad.

Why did she bleed?, Why would she cry?,

Begged you to stop, Begged you to stop, begged you,

Yet you would not stop.

Led like a preacher, like a creeper, but you were a reaper,

not saving but taking.

She is Vibrant, Strong, Beautiful, AN OUTGOING WOMAN,

I call Mom.

But she was seduced by your morbid ways,

you told us to love, yet you beat us with your seductive ways.

The one I call Father, the one I used to call Dad,

The seductive Father I stood by,

but you did not win, you lost,

yet you took a piece of us,

you lost us.

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