Logan Paul Will Win The 2024 Presidential Election [Prediction]
Logan Paul Will Win The 2024 Presidential Election [Prediction] youtube stories

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Some real facts about how Logan Paul could actually win the 2024 Presidential election.

Logan Paul Will Win The 2024 Presidential Election [Prediction]

Disclaimer: I'm a LOGANG member. I am a fan of Logan, but I'm going to drop some real facts about why Logan Paul could actually win the 2024 Presidential election if he wanted.....despite the whole controversy.

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I'm going to go over: - how Logan would get the vote count he needs - why he has an advantage against most candidates - how the dead body incident may actually help his case.

The 2024 election is in 6 years. At that point, a 12-year-old will be 18....the legal voting age. The Logang is young, but even the younger fans, at age 12 today will be old enough to vote in 2024.

That means most of his YouTube subscribers would be able to cast their vote.

Keep in mind: Our boy Logan was also the fastest ever to reach 15M followers.

Pewdiepie, the largest channel on YouTube, has 60M followers. It took him about 4 years to go from 15M to 60M subscribers.

At Logan's growth rate, it's safe to say he'd have at least 70M subs (maybe even 100M+) by the time 2024 rolls around.

To put this in perspective, Trump got around 62M votes in last year's election. Just off YouTube alone, Logan could pull enough votes.

Logan would also be amazing at campaigning. Logan's a strong figure with a lot of energy and is great at speaking publicly. He's also got a lot of practice at performing in front of crowds.

Imagine him debating against a bunch of boring old dudes.

As an unconventional candidate (a bit like Trump was), Logan will be sure to get the majority of the press coverage.

He's been the topic of the entire world before and he knows how to do it again.

Presidential elections are rarely about the policies. They're more about the perception about the candidates. Logan is a very likable person.

His claim to fame was about building likeability and entertaining. This gives him a huge advantage over any candidate.

Finally, I actually believe the dead body incident would give him an advantage in running for president. During a presidential race, both sides dig up a ton of dirt on the other side.

In that scenario, the dirt on most politicians is typically far worse than recording a video of a dead body. In fact, Logan was very real and authentic in his video of the dead body.

Politicians tend to lie and be tricky. Logan was too transparent by showing the dead body. That's something people will like....a president that isn't hiding things and actually give him an edge in a presidential race.

So there you have it....the very real case that Logan will be in the White House in 6 years.

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