Colors Of Hatred :Chapter 1
Colors Of Hatred :Chapter 1 colors of hatred stories
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lodestar Hi- WHAT AM I DOING HERE!?
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So this is the starting guys!!
How do you think its gonna go??

Colors Of Hatred :Chapter 1

Author's Note: Hi readers!! Welcome to the beginning of this series.I decided to cancel the official trailer post and start the series as the trailer was very similar to the teaser trailer.

Caution!! This story is a faction but the characters' names are changed to maintain their privacy and the plot is different and extended from the real incident so this isn't meant to point out any race,cast,country or any specific person. It is advised to avoid reading if under the age of 12 and not take any scenes, dialogues or characters personally.

This is a partial fiction inspired by real life incidents but most of it is imaginary. The plot is originally formed by Kanishka Agrawal(its me lol) .

Characters- Lyla Aaron Mr.and Mrs. Greens (These are the only characters mentioned in this part of the story,each chapter will contain the characters who are a part of it)

Chapter-1:Love equals Hatred

A lovely Morning

Lyla’s POV “The day is boring as always falalaal falaah laah laah”. I randomly sang this so-called song roaming around in the house, its morning and I expected everyone to wake up as it’s a typical weekend and we spend some quality family time.

.”Oh dear, who is this horrible singer trying to ruin my morning!?” A tired voice came, I turned around to see Aaron…….he is stupid boy. I jumped off the couch I was currently sitting on and threw the pillow at his face for calling me a horrible singer. “Oh yeah, it’s me the douc-”I was going to say douche but ughh!!

"LILY” mom yelled, I didn’t know she was awake too but as you know……life’s never fair.”Oh!Good Morning mom,I am glad you are here I wanted to ask you weather we have flour in our house today or not” I said with a fake accent, and You know what it feels so good to tease that I can do it all day.”Hush! Don’t say that, the flour is in the side drawl and good morning”

she said coldly to me, wait why is everyone so cold to me ? No Lyla – take a deeeep breathe and exhale, you can’t afford another therapy session just to yell at the therapist and exit. “ Yeah, good morning dad!! So everone is here huh!” I said turning to dad, he is the only member of the family whom I. consider as a family memeber.

Anyways, I now need to find my brother as I will have to disturb him for no reason…..its a part of my job. I happily swished to his room, but today was different as his door was locked, he never locked his door like this as he is careless. . I still knew how to open it as it was once mine, I pushed the handle ever so slightly to throw myself at it the second time.

I still don’t know why I was trying to open the door when it was locked but as you know……… curiosity killed the cat. When I entered the room, my jaw dropped to the floor “A- uh… Aaron? Are you ok??” he was lying on the floor covered in blood.Luckily, he wasn’t knocked out, he was conscious enough to say “No, Lily, go away"

I was very confused , why was he angry at me when he is covered in blood and I am here trying to help. I know he is a crackhead but at least he is mature…..”What is this , who did this to you , aaron? Aaron!!?” Questions were rushing in my mind as why was my brother so much injured as he was outside, messing with me 15 min ago.

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