One Shot Christmas With Loki and The Avengers By: lochness8
One Shot
Christmas With Loki and The Avengers

By: lochness8  christmas-loki-avengers stories

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It’s all in the title!! Happy holidays!!!

One Shot Christmas With Loki and The Avengers By: lochness8

*Your POV* I jolt out of bed with a smile on my face. It was Christmas Eve. I change into a warm ugly Christmas Sweater and wear fuzzy Christmas socks.

I run into the Avenger’s Tower kitchen where Steve was cooking pancakes on the stove. “Good morning y/n.” He says. “Good morning.” I say sipping my coffee. “Someone’s in a good mood.” Tony says smirking at me. “It’s Christmas Eve.” I add.

“No way I thought it was July 31st.” Tony remarks sarcastically. “Ha ha.” I roll my eyes. “Hello y/n.” A velvety voice says. I turn around and see Loki walking towards me. He gives me a small smile as I hand him his morning tea.

“Thank you love. Now what were you talking about?” He asks sipping his tea. “You’ve never heard of Christmas?” I ask. “No darling.” He says. “Well you’re in for it now Reindeer Games.” Tony chuckles. I take Loki’s hand and pull him into the living room.

“Here help me put the star on the tree. It’s a Christmas tradition.” I say. Loki looks up at the top of the tree. He wraps his arms around my waist making me blush five shades of red. He lifts me up and I put the star on the tree.

He lifts me back towards the ground, his nose is practically touching mine. He looks into my eyes and smiles not saying anything. I feel my cheeks heat up. “Oh you guys put the star up!” Clint says breaking us apart.

“Yeah Loki helped me.” I said. “It looks neat.” He compliments. “Thanks.” I reply. * I placed everyone’s presents underneath the Christmas tree. The one for Loki was the nicest wrapped. It was the perfect present for him.

“I put the presents here Y/n?” Loki asks from behind me. “Yep.” I smile. Loki leans down and places a small box next to another present. I look at his emerald eyes and he doesn’t break eye contact.

He smiles and tucks a piece of my h/c bangs behind my ear. I feel my cheeks flush even more. “Hey guys the movie is starting!” Tony calls from the in tower theater.

I start making my way towards the theater and Loki slips his hand in mine making my stomach do backflips.

We sat on the end of the sofa next to Tony who was smirking at us. He looks at our hands and back at me. “You want some popcorn y/n?” He asks handing me a bowl.

“Um sure?” I say looking at his smirk. I put the bowl between Loki and I and we start watching the movie.

* I started feeling myself dose off during the third movie. I felt an arm snake around me and I feel asleep on someone shoulder. * I woke up when sunlight hit my face.

I looked around, I was in the tower theater wrapped in a blanket. I felt someone breathing and looked to my right to see Loki sleeping on the couch beside me. He looked so peaceful, no mischievous glint.

I slowly got up trying not to wake him but I fail. His eyes flutter open and he smirks at me. “Good morning y/n.” He says with thick morning voice. “Good morning.” I say. He props up on his elbows.

“Since when did my bed become the couch?” He asks. “I think we fell asleep during Home Alone 3.” I say. Loki rubs his eyes. “I see.” Realization hits me.

“It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas Loki!” I say running towards him. He catches me with his arms and hugs me. “Merry Christmas y/n.” He chuckles. I drag him towards the lounge where the tree is.

“Come on I want to show you your gift!” I say handing him a green wrapped present. “Darling you didn’t have to get me anything.” He says opening it. “I wanted to, knowing you’d like it!” I smirk.

He opens it finding a new Shakespearean book, and two new sharp daggers carved with emerald. “Y/n these are beautiful.” He smilies. He takes out a small box from the tree and hands it to me.

“I made it for you.” He adds as I open the box to reveal an elegant necklace with black diamonds and a large emerald gem in the middle. “Loki this is beautiful!” I say. He smiles and puts it around my neck.

“It is isn’t it?” He says looking at me. I felt like he wasn’t talking about the necklace anymore. “What are you guys doing up so early?” Clint asks. Loki quickly clicked the necklace.

* I sipped my hot chocolate in the kitchen by myself. Half the team got called for a mission. “Y/n?” I look up and see Loki walking towards me.

“Thank you for showing me Christmas.” He says taking my hands in his. “Oh it’s nothing.” I smile. His eyes fall on my necklace and back to my eyes. He smiles and his eyes fall on my lips and he leans in and kisses me.

After awhile we break apart. I feel my cheeks flush. “I can show you what we do for New Years.” I begin. “I’d love that.” He replies.

End Of One Shot Comment below your thoughts and if you want a New Years One Shot! Happy Holidays!!

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