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Shop like a Professional

by lndmarket

Learn like a Professional

From self - directed learning materials and eLearning that can go straight onto your LMS for your managers to learn in their own time or just-in-time Bite-Size or even a simple exercise....

Be Confident like a Professional

LnDmarket connects you with suppliers of high quality and good value Learning Resources so that you can be confident that all your purchases are right for you.

Trust the Professional

All products can be rated and reviewed by your learning peers so you know how good they really are and more importantly if they deliver the results you expect.

Grow as a Professional.....

We are adding new products daily - so if you need to buy or have something to sell - visit the LnDmarket

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a year agoReply
Hey, thanks for the message - I have been practising (!) since October last year and have launched it to buyers in the last couple of months. Very exciting!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
Cool product! When did you guys start?