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Plans for a big art project

Art Plans

I'm planning on doing more art and here's my next big plan/project.

Dream SMP School AU

Mr. Gold or Mr. Soot Wilbur Soot/Willam Gold Music

Miss Niki Niki Nihachu Art

Mr. Blade Technoblade English

Mr. Dream Dreamwastaken History

Mr. Davidson GeorgeNotFound/George Davidson Math

Mr. Floris or Mr. Fundy Floris/Fundy Science

Mr. Sam Awsamdude/Sam Computer Science

Miss Puffy Captain Puffy Counselor

Coach Sapnap Nick/Sapnap Gym

Coach Punz Luke/Punz Gym

Mr. Boo Ranboo Theater

Mr. Al or Mr. Eret Alastair/Eret Health

Mr. Quackity Alexis/Quackity Spanish or Law

Mr. Jacobs Karl Jacobs Dance/choreography

Mr. Smith Toby Smith/Tubbo Photography

Mr. Simons Tom Simons/TommyInnit Engineering

Mr. Schlatt JSchlatt Business/Politics

Mr. Halo Badboyhalo Cooking/Home Economics

Mr. Wattson Phil Wattson/Philza Principal

Mr. Manifold Jack Manifold Choir

Mr. Ponk Ponk That one sub that everyone loves.

Ahh I've been working on this for an hour. Bye~ -Roach

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