The Journeyer
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lltuckerCommunity member
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I had to write a poem in English based on Chaucer's character descriptions in canterbury tales, this one is about me

The Journeyer

by lltucker

Along the way we picked up a journeyer of the lonely sort Larissa is the name to the unsightly face Though she has never been known for any tort She is always ready for an adventure chase

Picture a bear you see it is brown Like the hair atop her head She’s always riding with her head down With her mouth closed not a word said

Eyes that are blue and blurry Always filled with worry They could never show any fury The only words spoken, a sincere "I'm sorry"

As she sat on the mighty stead You could tell that other's words she cared She couldn't understand the pilgrims greed Somehow she always fared

As we see this journeyer now When the traveling is over She herself will allow Her bodies same composure

Which is her continued fret Her soul is soon to wither Though we shouldn't be upset And we should just forgive her

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