The bench in the woods. Part one.
The bench in the woods. Part one. stories
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my name is Lena and this is my story

The bench in the woods. Part one.

Nobody truly misses someone until that person is actually gone. my name is Lena and this is my story...

I'm the only child to a single father, my mother died when i was 10. she was strong and brave, the bravest woman i have ever met, i want to be like her when i grow up.

my father is a mess at the moment and to be honest hes been a mess for quite some time, possible since mother died 6 years ago,

he says i make him strong but we all know that the only person who made him strong was my mother.

he lies to make me happy, he says that everything is going to be okay, that everything will build its way up in no time at all.

The only time we sit down and speak is when we have dinner at 6:15 every night, he hates it when i'm late but i try and come home as fast as i can but some times i don't want to come home.

i love to read and play my guitar, there is a bench at the end of the woods i go to sit and read some times if i'm lucky a horse will come up to me and let me pet her.

it is so peaceful there, i wonder if it will be like that when i die.

i some times hope that my mother is sitting on that bench next to me and one day ill be able to see her again and be happy with my mother and father on that bench, but then i go home.

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