June 2018 Llama Pajama Story -Mermaid - Pixie Dust
June 2018 Llama Pajama Story -Mermaid - Pixie Dust stories

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June 2018 Llama Pajama Story June 2018 Prompt:

June 2018 Llama Pajama Story -Mermaid - Pixie Dust

June 2018 Llama Pajama Story

June 2018 Prompt:

"Can I punch him in the face?"


"Can I just break his nose a little?"

June 2018 Word : Scrumdiddlyumptious

Pixie Dust

Today is my birthday. I am hiding out in my new tree house my Daddy built special for me turning four. I can hear the sounds of loud laughing and talking of all my family and friends.

The house was too crowded and it felt like the walls were closing in on me.

I close my eyes and feel the cool breeze on my face and weaving its fingers through my hair, sending my Tinkerbell dress and my little wings dancing.

I open my eyes and look at the glittering pixie dust Mommy had dusted me with this morning. I take a deep breath, feeling like it was the first time I could breath today.

Letting it out slowly, my body relaxed as I spread my arms and took flight. I smiled, never feeling so happy or complete.

I woke to loud beeping noises and stark white walls. I hurt everywhere. I tried to move but couldn't. I looked down to see tubes going in and out of my body. I screamed.

They had tied me down but I needed to fly again.

They next few years, every time I tried to fly, or did fly, I would end up in a hospital, doctors office, or later, a shrink office.

My dad had torn down my tree house and I had cried for weeks because I felt more at home up there then in my tiny walled-in bedroom.

My mom threw away all my favorite movies about Tinkerbell or any fairy movie and all my fairy clothes. I couldn't talk to or look at her for days, I was so angry.

She no longer bought me fairy cakes or the colored pixie dust from the craft store. I just wanted to be able to fly.

It made me so happy but everyone was always mad or shouting at me whenever I tried.

Today is my birthday. I am 10 years old. I wake up sad. I had cried myself to sleep again because no one will give me pixie dust to fly.

I drag my heavy feet down the hall to the living room and sit on the couch where mom and dad are waiting.

My mom is sitting with a handful of tissues balled up in her hand and her eyes are all red and puffy. I look at dad, who keeps shifting uncomfortably in his big recliner chair.

Neither one will look me in the eye. Finally, dad clears his throat, like something was caught in it and says that they are sending me to a very special place for extra special girls like me.

"Will they let me fly?" I ask the first thing that pops into my head. Mom and Dad look at each other, then mom starts crying and runs from the room. Dad sighs and holds out his arms to me.

I gladly get up and climb into his lap. " Is it a place for fairies, like me?" I ask my dad. I feel excitement building inside me.

Dad gives me the saddest smile but says, "Yes, it's for fairies, just like you." He hugs me tightly and whispers, "I love you, Astrid, more than anything on earth.

Never forget or question that." I laugh and hug him back tightly.

My mom had bought fairy cakes for my birthday breakfast. "Mom, these are scrumdiddlyumptious!" I told her, twirling around the kitchen, one in each hand, laughing. "Best day ever!"

Mom smiles and gives me a big hug. " I love you, Astrid, more than you will ever understand."

Today is my seventeenth birthday. I wake up and stare at the white walls and ceiling. If I turn my head just right, I can see the morning sunrise out the tiny barred window.

I lay patiently, waiting for a nurse to come in and untie my wrists from the bed. I hate it here.

They tie me down at night because they don't want me to break my arm again, but I know its them just finding another way to keep me from flying.

No one understands the feeling I get when I fly and no one understands the sadness and despair I feel when I land.

I hear the door unlock and turn to see Nurse Amy come in. She is my favorite nurse.

"Happy birthday to you", she sings, in a off tune voice, but I smile as she continues to sing as she undoes my wrists. I sit up and hug her when she finishes the song.

She pulls a fairy cake out of her pocket. "Don't tell", she whispers, then laughs as I shove the whole thing in my mouth.

"So, what will it be today?" I ask, looking at the little plastic cup she is holding, with my daily pills in it. She smiles and hands over the cup. Yellow. My parents are coming today.

Whenever they come, I get the yellow pills. I call them the happy pills. The blue ones make me tired and I don't feel anything.

The whites ones make me feel like I've got weights tied onto my limbs and make it hard to think.

I swallow my pills and open my mouth to show Nurse Amy that they are gone, then get up to use the bathroom and get dressed.

My parents come at lunch time and meet with Dr. White, who says I'm doing very good and I haven't had any 'episodes' in almost 2 years. My dad asks if they can take me out for my birthday. Dr.

White looks at me, then smiles. "I think that can be arranged."

I jump up and down, excitedly. "Thank you, thank you!" I can't contain my excitement. I haven't left this place in 7 years. The thought of freedom, even for a hour, makes my heart beat speed up.

They all laugh at my excitement. I sat back down, not able to wipe the smile off my face.

I am not like the others in this place. Some kids talk to themselves, others scream about demons. Some bite and hit and some just sit and stare blankly at a wall all day, never saying anything.

They are all crazy in this place. I don't belong here. I am not crazy.

Nurse Amy comes and gets me so my parents and Dr. White can talk privately for a while. I skip down the hall, hardly able to contain my excitement, when suddenly, I'm falling face first.

I look up from where I lay and see Damin looking down, with a smirk on his ugly face. "Nice flying, fairy girl", he teases. I stand up and look at Amy.

"Can I punch him in the face?"


"Can I just break his nose a little?"

She laughs. "I would say 'yes', but then I would probably lose my job and you wouldn't be able to go out today on your outing with your parents."

Damin's face changes from cocky smirk to wonder.

"They are letting you out? How? WHat did you do?" Now it's my turn to smirk and walk on by him, He has bullied everyone for as long as I can remember.

I go back to my room and Amy brings me normal clothes, the first I have worn since coming to this place.

I stand fingering the soft dress, til she laughs and says I better hurry because I'm wasting time that I could be outside.

I quickly pull the dress over my head and turn, letting her braid my hair.

My parents take me to a nice restaurant and give me a glittery box. I can hardly believe my luck.

I slowly open the box to see a necklace laying inside, with a little bottle filled with glitter. I start to cry. Dad gets up quickly, patting my shoulder awkwardly.

"Here, let me help you put it on." He clasps the chain and I pick up the tiny bottle hanging from it, not able to wipe the smile off my face. Dad kisses the top of my head. "Happy birthday."

On the drive back to the institution, we cross a bridge. "Can we please stop?" I asked. I wanted a picture of the water to take back with me. I never get to see the water like this.

Mom looks back at me and smiles. "Stop the car. Let her have this one memory."

Dad pulls to the side of the road. I get out and hand dad the camera, as me and mom wrap our arms around each other and smile for the picture.

"Here, honey, let me get one of you two, together", mom says, as she switches places with dad. I stand on tiptoes and kiss my dad's cheek as the light flashes.

Dad laughs, then says, "Come on, you two. Let's get back before we all get in trouble."

I glance one last time at the water below, and reach up holding the little jar of glitter. I take off running and fling myself over the side of the bridge. I finally had pixie dust.

I wanted to fly one last time.

And I did.

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