I am here because:
I am here because: support friends life stories

lizzysenancho20 14 girl I love to write no hate here pls
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I am here because:

I am here because I love to write I could sit all day and just write story my head is full of ideas caricatures words emotions things I want people to know ..

if I have an idea in my head want to write in out and tell it to other people and take their opinions and an opinion and judging way different well to me at least you see an opinion to me is more respectful way of saying things the tones as well

if people tell me I don't like your story because they suck your not a good writer that's judging but if you say to Mei think you could improve on your writing by doing this that's so much more respectful and the tone is so nice your not judging and I am grateful to those who don't judge my writing but may have an opinion thank you guys ..

my dreams 1. two be a published author . 2. to be an architect . 3. to have real friends and not once who use me just because I can do there homework . 4. to visit my home country . 5. to meet my brother one day 6. too maybe one day get along with my mom .

I want everyone to write their dreams or hopes in the comments . and maybe one day you can achieve them I write stories like this because I am not scared people judging me or bullying me but I may be scared that people may not support my idea and that's ok because its my idea they are my characters and it should not bother you s well ...

I am sure most people are on this website @commaful.com to write and be funny be creative and so much more people also want support that they can't get somewhere else so they are looking for it here and those who support me thank you ...

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