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Mairi (Mahh-Ree)
Extending the hand of friendship to King Balor, she's offered to Prince Nuada as his mate. Her father King Pol (Paul) of the dark arts, in his greed for dominion, wants an heir born of magic to rule the world. She will do anything to please her father, and if that means bedding a man-creature, who's killed and harbors a strong aversion to her people, then his wish is her command.

Prince Nuada
Resentful of his father's acceptance of the truce, between humans and the magical races, he refuses Mairi and heads a coalition of assassins, secretly disposing of Monarchs. He loathes his attraction to her, but is envious of her relationship with the guard, who she's grown a fondness for.

Corym (Cor-Rim)
A royal guard, positioned as Mairi's personal guard, he falls for her. Corym knew that loving her wouldn't be easy, but he didn't anticipate that he'd have to share her.

Mairi never expected to fall in love with Nuada, she only wanted to seduce him. Prince Nuada didn't care what she did, as long as she stayed out of his way. How did she slither past his defenses, right into his heart?

Unrequited Love

It's 1786, ten years after the great dissemination, the revelation that magical creatures lived amongest us.

Integration was imminent, after the peace treaty was declared, and now as a consequence of it, I'm being shipped to my new place of residence. Ireland, the Emerald Isle to be exact.

Rich rolling hills of lush greenery, rising coastal mountains, an island located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

Not to far from "The Isle Of Man", where my father reigns as King. Its a five hour travel time, on a packet ship, where I quickly grew tired of watching the water.

Retiring below deck for the remainder of the trip, the four service men guarding me, play a game of cards as I settle in for a light nap.

I dream of him, the prince... Nuada. I've seen him before in my visions, a gift passed down from my mother, the gift of sight. The ability to see the future, and from my father, elemental magic.

I'm still a novice at both, but I'm a dedicated learner and hope to advance to intermediate soon. Which brings me to the reason why I'm being sent to Ireland, we are practitioners of magic only.

It isn't in our blood, a part of our essence. My father wants blood magic, pure magic of the soul, magic that comes from within. My mother's seen it, my father will get his heir.

So, this should be an easy task, right? An uneventful trip, I've freshened up and I'm standing before the King and the Princess. Elves...

descendants of the Bethmora clan, pale in color, scarred facial markings, and fair haired.

My mother would be appalled to know, that I find them attractive. Especiallly the one appointed as my personal guard, tall, well built, beautiful, maybe i'll take him as a lover.

Offering a charming smirk, he bows slightly to me.

"You should be pleased to know, that we find you favorable to look upon also." Says my protector. "Corym's a reader of thoughts." States Nuala, in her soft dialect.

"Mmm..." Is all that I can manage, taking a mental note. I'll be sure to censor my thoughts from now on. "Nuada."

"Father." He says, coming into my view. My visions didn't prepare me for the man standing before me.

Small bow to the King, and a nod in acknowledgement to his sister, before his gaze falls to me. His eyes fills with mistrust, and a fierceness that incites unease, and trepidation.

"What's this?"

"King Pol has offered you his daughter, as a token of his fealty to the alliance."

"As what, my pet?"

His pet?

"Nuada!" Exclaims his father, outraged at his ill manners.

"No brother, your mate."

A murderous glare riddled with contempt, sets me to fanning myself frantically, it seems that my corsets become to confining, and my breathing erratic. What was I thinking...

during the wars, he was known for massacring thousands, the man's a merciless cut-throat.

"Send it back, it looks unwell." He states, making his way out of the throne room.

"Nuada!" States the King, coming out of his seat.

"You're the one that wants the union father, so you take her to mate!"

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, rejected but not dejected. Deep breath, exhaling loudly I enter the dining area. I guess it's the who's who of the elfdom in attendance.


It's Corym, stopping me on the way to join Nuala.

"Where you go, I go... you can't just wander off."

"You do know that I'm not a child, right?"

"Of course, but not everyone agrees with the peace treaty."

"So I'm not safe here?"

"If anything happens to you, my people... other magical creatures will pay the cost with their lives. Forgive me, but your people aren't too... forgiving."

Leading me to our seats, I consider his words, and he's right, it's for the best.

"I understand, will we be sharing the same bed then?" I ask jokingly.

"If that's what you wish."

The butterflies are having a festival in my stomach, when he graces me with a smile. I've never seen creatures such as these, similar to us, but so different.

I want to touch his skin, I wonder if they feel like us, but instead I touch his hair.

He's solemn watching me, letting my fingers explore his locks. Once again I get the urge to touch his face, as I release my hold on his hair.

"I don't mind." He says quietly, which sounds loud to my ears. I become aware of the reason why, the halls become silent, the occupant's attentions are focused on us.

My examination comes to an end, and with amusement in his eyes, he escorts me to my seat.


Summoned to the throne room, a human's engaged in conversation with a guard. I've never entertained the idea of these creatures being appealing, but she has an alluring appearance.

An admission that angers me, my scowl frightening her.

Joining us in the dining hall, it's apparent that she finds us enchanting, as she's unable to keep her hands off of her assigned guard.

He doesn't appear to be repulsed, encouraging her to continue her perusal of his anatomy. Well he can do what he will with her...

A human as my mate, I wouldn't dare. Her kind needs to be wiped from this earth, and I plan on doing my part.

Meeting with others of the same mind, we discuss plans to take down our first victim, the isle of man.

War has been declared, apart from the army of ten thousand, I lead my group of twenty mercenaries silently into the night. While the villagers slept, we set fire to homes.

Engaging in combat with the townsmen, no one is spared. Entering a home, I come upon a woman. Attacking, she's no match for me, her life's ended with my sword slicing her throat.


It's a small child, eyes sleep filled, I block his view of her. The sun shining brightly in the morning sky, his vision adjusts, and fear widens his eyes.

"Go back to bed." I order him.

The wails and groans from the dying piercing the air, he scurries back to the safety of his room. The home is set aflame, as I exit.

"One more, or shall we take rest after this?"

"One more." I reply.

The message has been received, I want it to be felt. Moving on to the capital, the water supply is poisoned.

"What am I to make of this? Brother, you must stop..."

"Have you told father?"

"No, he would put us to death..."

"Good, the humans are a plague to our earth, a disease... we'll cure her of her ailment."

"Not like this... nothing good can come of this, blood, death... please you must stop this."

Nuala's petition is lost on me, I care not for the human animal.

Walking the halls of the palace, I happen upon her and the guard, at practice. He's teaching her swordsmanship, her skills are substandard.

"Nuada." She says with a small bow, noticing my watch of them.

"Do not address me so informally."

The daggers thrown my way, are countered with a derisive glare.

"My apologies Prince..." She replies, with a show of bowing extremely low. She holds the position, for much longer than necessary before rising.

"Mockery... did you teach it to mimic us also?"

"I don't know what your problem is, but you're not going to keep with your self-righteous persecution of me."

"You must not know who I am, for you to speak..."

"The Princess only requests your repect, your highness. Your constant reference to her as "it", is offensive." States, the guard.

"Well then you must not know who I am either, for you know not your place, and you speak out of turn."

"Oh ... you are a piece of work... You are severely due a lesson in manners." She states, irritation evident on her face.

"And who's going to be my teacher?" I ask, drawing my sword.

Mairi, a temptress with a temper, I swear that I saw murder in her eyes. Her guard interrupting her attempt, at raising her sword to me, the woman's a fighter, or foolish.

"What have you done?"

"What needs to be done."

The royal advisor's called upon me in my rooms, a cold calculating man who only has his own interests at heart.

"Your declaration has put us in a grim situation."


"I find favor in your actions."

Why am I not surprised...

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