Poltergeist - Part Four: The Argument
Poltergeist - Part Four: The Argument poltergeist stories

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Poltergeist - Part Four: The Argument

Candy Corn hummed an old show tune as she drew her pictures. Raven was next to her, reading Charles Dickens. It was lunchtime, but they had snuck some food into bedroom C. The door banged open, and Alyn and Yuri barged in. "First of all, this isn't your bedroom." Candy pointed out. "I don't care." Yuri snapped.

"Ash just told me and the others about Miles. He's dangerous. And the worst part is that you, Raven, like him!" Raven snorted. "I'm good with evil ghosts. Don't go flying off your rocker hon." Yuri gave Raven a look before she flipped Raven off. Candy snickered as Raven threw her book at Yuri's head. "Let's just communicate and find out what happened." Candy said.

Yuri took a deep breath. "Alyn made a deal with Miles. Miles made her deliver a letter to some old hag in exchange. Ash was driving the old lady when she found out about the letter. Miles also ripped apart Alyn's bunny when Alyn was being a smarty-pants." Alyn covered her face, and Yuri's gaze softened. But it quickly changed when Candy asked, "Did you tell the nurses? I hope you didn't."

"We haven't told the nurses yet," Alyn admitted. "I want to give Miles a second chance." Candy rolled her eyes. "He was just doing his work." Raven fidgeted a little. "Even so, I do think that Miles should've not been so hostile." "Thank you!" Yuri cried out. "Finally! You realize he shouldn't have done this." "Not gonna lie," Candy admitted. "I thought that you would get along-"

"With the other ghosts because I'm one?" Yuri finished. "Isn't that a nice assumption?" "No, not that-" Candy started, but it was too late. Yuri stormed out of the room.

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