The Sky and Land
The Sky and Land creation stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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A lovely story between the Heavens and Land...
It isn't intended to be serious or religious in any way, but I hope that you enjoy reading it. :) x

The Sky and Land

I will tell you a story how the Land and Sky came to be. Now before I begin Are you sitting comfortably?

I will tell you a story how the Land and Sky came to be. Now before I begin Are you sitting comfortably? Ok, I shall begin. :-)

She gazed towards the heavens and with a lonesome sigh, the Land wished for company, she wished for the Sky. The Heavens heard her plea and thought carefully, who would make a perfect companion for a Land of rock, soil, sand and sea?

The Heavens smiled down upon the lovely lonesome Land. "Beautiful Land what can I give you?" " I wish for a glorious view" she replied. The Heavens eyes twinkled with and idea "Please May I have some sand?"

Then with a gentle whisper of air he blew the sand into the dark abyss, he gave her the stars and the sun was in his grasp. The Land was so happy with her iridescent view, so the stars sparkled "its so Beautiful" she gasped.

“I will give you the moon, my dear Lovely Land, you only need to ask.” "A moon she cried" so cheerfully, "a friend for me?!" The Heavens smiled down once more and replied "May I have some rock from you please Beautiful Land?"

So the Heavens placed the rock amongst the stars, it was not too close, yet not too far. The Land was delighted with her nocturnal friend. "The moon is so beautiful when it glows at night" she said with pause.

The Heavens smiled down upon the Land once again "You are welcome Dear Land, the moon is now yours." The Heavens looked down upon the Land, He was so blessed to see her happy with the sunshine, stars and moon.

But he realised that the earth below was scorched by the sun and insisted that something had to be done. "Dear Land, Dear Beautiful Land, I have one last gift for you" The Land looked up towards the Heavens with surprise, "You do?!"

The Heavens smiled down upon the Land once more and asked "Please may I have some water from your sea?" The Land allowed the Heavens to take some of her sea, Then she watched him silently. He held the water in his hands and carefully trickled it on to her red hot sand.

Steam arose and turned the sky blue, with delicate white clouds, this being the Land's gift anew. Land felt instantly cooler and as time past, plants blossomed and bloomed from her soil with new life at last. Nature thrived, new life arrived and the Land would never be lonely.

The Land was ever thankful to the Heavens, He thought her so Beautiful to make the stars from her sand, He made The Moon, her nocturnal friend from her rock and the clouds from her sea which made the Land thrive. Heaven was proud of his gifts for the Land and how he made her happy and whole.

Lizzie Bevis

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