Random Thoughts about Bees
Random Thoughts about Bees weird stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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A poem filled with very random 'Bee' thoughts.

Random Thoughts about Bees

I wonder if bees have knobbly knees, if they do they must be tiny, and what about diddy toes or cute spiky heinie's?

Do bees have any hair? Is it short, styled or flowing? I wonder if they wear tiny coats when cooler winds are blowing?

I wonder if bees are ticklish, do they scream and wriggle? When a funny bee tells a joke do all the other bees giggle?

I wonder if bees have bubble baths, do they wash and look all smart? Do they ever feel a sugar rush and do bees ever fart?

I wonder if bees have nightmares, do bees have any fears? And I wonder if when a bee friend dies do the sad bees cry honey tears?

Lizzie Bevis

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