Goodbye my Friend
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lizziebevis I wish to be happy, therefore I am
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Written for my 'second mother' and my friend, who sadly took her own life.
Through we were close, I never knew what pain she kept inside of her.
To bear grief like this is hard, especially knowing that I could have done something if I had known...💔

Goodbye to my friend, Jackie xxx

Goodbye my Friend

Goodbye my friend, but why you must go? You were tired of fighting every day. I wish that I had held your hand and caressed it gently, I would have talked with you, comforted you and tried to make the pain go away.

Inside, my my heart is dying I would have begged you not to leave, I wish that you had stayed, but you chose to close your eyes for one final time, and you sadly slipped away.

My memories will last of your once beautiful soul, committed to the sacred fire you now leave this world. There remains, only ashes as a trail of scented smoke dances up towards the sky.

All that will be left are burning, smouldering embers of a friendship, and a love that I thought could never die.

Written for my beautiful friend Jackie. I pray that you found peace beyond life, through your choice in choosing death... But my heart breaks. 25/08/1958 - 29/08/2019 Until we meet again Love always, Lizzie Bevis

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