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lizziebevis I wish to be happy, therefore I am
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When people take advantage do they realise how much they hurt you?


My body is tired and my mind is weak, My soul begs for a spark from this smouldering fire. I made the mistake of caring too much, and giving everything I had; now even my faith is failing me, any strength has left me, I am alone and feeling sad.

Too many hopeless wishes, my broken heart and dreams lay shattered under my feet, ripping at my skin with each step that I take. I painfully recall all of the times I spent helping you, but, wherever do I begin? The hands of the clock even grew tired, after ticking away a fortune of seconds of which it will never get back.

I beg to find the strength to climb out of this hole; I still plead with the night for sleep, But instead I lay here awake and alone as I quietly weep. You are the reason why my kindness is killing me.

Lizzie Bevis

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