Toxic By Liz Christensen

By Liz Christensen toxicrelationship stories
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lizchristensen To dance with teasing, haunting words.
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Politics and toxic people

Toxic By Liz Christensen

Do you take your poison pills And hope to build a tolerance? Or revel in your miserable toxicity's abundance? Or halt each rearing instance of it's venomous appearance? Or reason that your baneful shows are spawned by circumstance?

Exposure to this vitriol and recrimination, Subjection to this arguing and boundless defamation, Is sundering, contaminates the body of this nation. And begets our apathy from prolonged frustration.

I tried to stay engaged with you by mixing you with laughs. Then maintain an informed stance consuming you in halves. But more I find I walk away or vent in paragraphs. I cannot dance the vile prance the Hateful choreographs.

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