The Fine Line

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What is Time?

The Fine Line

What does one gain from looking at the past, just to let his future fade into it? Does he not realize the fading mind going beyond time itself?

The tiny difference between dwelling in the past and hoping for the future is a cord. That fine line that we know to be the present.

I like to use the strong cord as a jumping rope- playing and feeling its movements. How I move affects its movements and it to mine.

Back and forth I jump, never staying on one side more than the other. The moment one stops jumping is when he is swallowed up by the ground.

The cord leaves his sight as he ventures deeper and deeper down into the earth. Only when the cord begins to change and enters his mind does he venture back to play.

This never-ending game between man and time rages on. Time demands his attention and quiets his wish to be immortal.

It is the present that helps him appreciate his life and what it was and could be at the same moment while jumping over the cord.

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