“Rainy Day”
“Rainy Day” stories

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Appreciate the little things, for they will be the things the mean the most

“Rainy Day”

A drop upon the pavement.

Then another.

Rain falls down from the sky,

Like warm tears

the pace of them speeding up by the second.

One upon a sweater.

One upon a head.

Worms swim up from beneath the ground,

Hoping to find a dry haven

Blades of grass drink in the water,

Ready to soak the feet of the people taking a stroll.

A cold wind whips,

the rain comes down faster.

Drops the size of quarters flow from the sky.

Drops soaking hair, coat, and bag.

Toes wiggle in the yellow boots.

Tiny feet and shoes,

Readying themselves to splash in a puddle.

Raincoat and umbrella are no match for the weather.

Pigtails now dripping with water.

Closed eyes,

looking up at the sky.

A smile,

a girl feeling the rain upon her skin.

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