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Women’s rights; love yourself


Everyday, girls look in the mirror And don’t like what they see.

Too fat, Too skinny, Too flat, Too ugly

Caking on makeup like a baker,

They try to cover their imperfections

And who can blame them?

All they have ever seen in the world is negativity

Women are taught they can be strong? Maybe

But most of these “strong women” have gotten there by looking pretty.

Guys cat call girls and give them compliments like “ur hot”

And even if they think it’s nice, it’s really not

Words like these teach women they need to look the part in order to be worth something

That they need to be by the side of a man

After all, what’s a queen without a king

They are hidden from the beautiful truth

Which has affected women all the way down to today’s youth

Women need to see they are worth more than society tells

They shouldn’t be bound to housework and sold from their family to a husband at the sound of wedding bells.

We are strong, without the help of the man

Independent, powerful, anything we want to do we can

So wipe that makeup from your face,

Cause you don’t need it anymore.

You may think you need it to be “pretty,”

But I am positively sure,

You looked way better the way you were before

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