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Give in and breathe


I am sinking.

Icy water swirls around me,

Threatening to numb me of all feeling.

Fighting against the pain of frost bitten fingers and toes,

I close my eyes and imagine taking a deep breath,

Fresh air filling my lungs.

I use all the power I have in my arms and legs, forcing them downward into the chilling abyss.

Slowly, I feel myself being propelled toward the surface.

I turn my head slowly to the water above me,

And the flicker of hope I had is completely gone.

The surface feels a thousand years away.

My hope gone, I close my eyes and tell myself


I try to once again to imagine fresh air giving me strength,

letting me stay calm,

But all I can feel is the water,

Swallowing me up,

Giving me pain,

Drowning me.

All at once,

A calmness passes over me.

I can no longer feel the pain,

Not longer do I feel afraid.

Now the water around me is comfortable.

Now I relax.

Now I stay calm.

Maybe I just gave up,

But now I can breathe

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