10 things I learned from living with my team during YC
10 things I learned from living with my team during Y Combinator stories

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10 things I learned from living with my team during YC

by Liz Wessel

I’m one of the co-founders of Wayup

It’s an amazing place to work, and I’ve always felt as though our team was super close and tight-knit. But never did I think I'd end up living with all of them

It all started with an application to Y Combinator

What is YC? In short, it’s an investment-vehicle run by partners who kick your a$$ and give you incredible, thoughtful and insightful advice.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a community.

A community of other companies (like Airbnb & Dropbox), run by some of the most wildly brilliant entrepreneurs I’ve ever come across

We were asked to apply to YC for our company, Wayup

We were hesitant, but after enough conversation, we decided to apply and see what happens.

A trip out to California and a few weeks later…

we were accepted to join. When we told our team and asked what they thought about moving across the country to live in a house and work, breathe, and sleep Wayup

They insisted we do it.

So we did.

I figured I’d share the 10 things I learned

living and working with my team 24/7

1) Sometimes you have to clean up after others

Typically, if your roommate is leaving chin hairs in a sink, the appropriate response is to bitch and moan. When you live with your coworkers, the need to maintain order and dignity prevails.

2) It's important to keep things fun

Sometimes, we take a (short) break from working and have a bit of light fun….You can call this “team bonding.” We recommend prank calling team members at least once a week.

3) Everyone has very different living habits

I don’t (can’t) wear matching socks, and I void the number 13 like the plague. Chris eats a minimum of 3 rotisserie chickens a day…and the list goes on

4) When living and working in a house, everyone is hungry

Typical day: dishwasher run 3 times, trash taken out twice, at least 5 full animals consumed, 18 (roundtrips) from the kitchen. Minimum

5) Coffee is our team's best friend

It’s important to embrace the fact that you’ll likely need A LOT of coffee.

6) Don’t judge a person by their package

No, not THAT kind of package. We’ve seen some crazy packages come through. There’s the ready-to-build treehouse. Box of 150 bags of ketchup-flavored chips, 5000 bags of sour patch kids

7) Three buck chuck is a kitchen staple

also known in our house as “Charles Schwah”, in a French accent. Need I say more?

8) Our uniforms are pajamas and gym clothing

After all, who are we trying to impress?

9) It's important to relieve stress in a healthy way

We hold fitness classes in the backyard. The guys created a makeshift gym out of the gardener’s area

10) Living together = best way to appreciate someone's work

You know how there’s always someone in your office whose job is really hard to explain? When you live in a house with that person, you realize pretty quickly

I have learned to appreciate each teammate

more than I could have ever imagined.

I wouldn't trade this experience for the world

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