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livingghost Definitely not a writer
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Am I insane?

Stream of thoughts

Am I normal?

I don’t know if I am.

Nobody is normal anyway.

What is sanity?

Am I insane?

We all experience loss

We all experience downs

I don’t know if I'm supposed to feel what I feel

To think what I think.

People feel weird when I tell them.

But I don’t feel crazy

Just uneasy

Just uneasy... all the time.

It's hard to work through something you don’t understand

It's hard to explain when you experience something you don’t know.

Do I feel something at all?

Do I feel something at all? Am I feeling too much?

Do I feel something at all? Am I feeling too much? Am I feeling like a regular person, just unnecessarily worrying?

How do I know what others feel? What the “normal” feel? What am I supposed to feel?

Am I sick?

I feel like so sometimes.

Other times I'm sure I’m just silly.

I don’t know

I never do .

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