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Alice Kingsleigh, the young woman known to think of six impossible things before breakfast has been missing for weeks. Some say that she followed a white rabbit and never came back.

Elizabeth Lewis, a seventeen year old girl living in London stumbles upon a rabbit hole only to find a place called Wonderland. A whimsical world, on the brink of war between the Red, and White Queen. But the rabbit hole is starting to close, and rumors of a third Queen has started to rise.

Two girls set to play for two destinies, will everything go according to plan? Or will everything go down into madness.


The Queen of Wonderland


Marmoreal, Underland... the home to the White Queen, and her court. A gigantic building, bigger than the house of a lizard with a chimney sweep broom! Lay in the region of Marmoreal.

Entirely built by porcelain, and marble, the castle was inspired from chess pieces... While the Red Queen claimed the many cards from the deck.

Decorating them with Red, and Black armor for years the White Queen has established her home to be a place of safety.

Queen Mirana stood in the throne room, her shocking white hair layers in delicate curls being dressed with a pale gown splattered with diamonds that twinkled like stars.

Among the throne room were herself, the White rabbit, and the Blue Caterpillar.

Absolem, The slightly monotone drawled caterpillar was tasked with looking after the Oraculum,

an illustrated scroll that works very much like a calendar sat on a silky white as snow pillow lined up with black trimmings.

The White Queen scanned the rolled up scroll with concern shining in her ebony eyes. " Absolem...

you say that there is something you wanted to discuss?" She asked softly raising her chin just a bit.

The caterpillar leaned forward, perched on a wooden stool he made sure that his hookah wouldn't fall down to the marble floors.

A puff of smoke releases out of his mouth, much like how the Jabberwocky spits out his purple fire.

Even the Queen couldn't escape the mysterious smoke that keeps Absolem so calm during alarming times.

" Yes, my Queen... there is much to discuss." He puts the hookah back in his mouth.

Tilting her head in confusion Mirana parted her dark painted lips, but no words ever tumbled out of the pretty mouth of hers.  " If you open the Oraculum... Your highness." Absolem instructed.

Without another word, The Queen took soft steps gliding through the room and gently taping the scroll open wondering about the future of her beloved, beloved land.

The scroll immediately plummeted to the ground, as if it was sinking from a extremely large amount of weight and doing a little bounce ,

finally stopping on a illustration  of a girl holding a sword while another had a crown placed on her head.

Nivens Mctwisp,

an obese white rabbit wearing a waist coat and possessing pink eyes hurriedly goes over to the end of the Oraculum looking at a day that is labeled ' The Griblig Day ' The White Queen

follows suit going into realization. " We have our champions " She spoke above a whisper, as time seemed to stop for all to establish the information.

Words were quickly written by Absolem who figured out the roles of the visitors of Underlamd.

One to slay the jabberwocky.

One to slay the reign of The Red Queen.

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