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A Steven Universe fan fiction introducing my OCs. This will be a series of super-short stories that I'm collaborating with a friend on. Enjoy!

Moonstone's Kindergarten

Stardate: 332507.30

Planet: Axiom 6W-7

Time: 0850

An energetic atmosphere engulfed the surface of the planet. Moonstone had been busy since before the dawn organizing her workers for their next Kindergarten construction on Axiom 6W-7.

While Blue Diamond was attending to other matters on Homeworld, Moonstone was overseer to her latest planetary conquest.

She had consulted with Blue’s Peridot, Facet-4G7R Cut-2X7, on details of the construction, making sure everything went smoothly and according to plan. No minor detail would be overlooked.

Blue Diamond had noticed her efficiency, and Moonstone was determined to continue pleasing her Diamond.

Moonstone had already successfully constructed over 150 Kindergartens, and Axiom 6W-7 was to be host to her 160th.

At around her 152nd Kindergarten, Moonstone had requested the assistance of a Pearl from Blue Diamond. This was the secret to her near perfect success.

Pearl was delegated to making sure nothing was forgotten, acting as Moonstone’s primary confidant and second pair of eyes.

She would be charged with bookkeeping, delegating tasks to Quartz soldiers, relaying messages from Moonstone to their crew, as well as any other miscellaneous tasks.

Moonstone stood in an observation deck with her Pearl, observing the Quartz soldiers at work.

“Things seem to be going well. No complications, I trust,” said Moonstone with a pleased grin on her face.

“Yes, my Moonstone. Construction is right on schedule, and we should be fully operational in the next 72 hours,” said Pearl in her no-nonsense demeanor, referencing her hologram notes.

“Make it 48 hours. I want to begin concepts for our next assignment as soon as possible,” said Moonstone with an air of confidence.

“Yes, my Moonstone. I will relay the information to 2x7 right away,” Pearl said as she made a few notes and flitted away.

Moonstone continued to observe her Quartz soldiers at work and soon spotted her Pearl talking to a nearby Onyx, most likely checking in on production.

Moonstone walked away from the observation deck and began a progress report to Blue Diamond.

She relayed information on the ETA for the Kindergarten operations, as well as her intentions to speed up that time frame.

She also began notes on her plans for their next assignment and waited for confirmation from Blue Diamond.

In the distance, a faint rumble was heard. Lost in her work, Moonstone dismissed the sound as construction noise and continued her report.

Another blast, who is making that damn noise??

If these Quartzes halt production in any way, they will be severely punished! Moonstone had just finished her report when another rumble, followed by an explosion, happened closer to her base.

Pearl burst through the door, looking visibly distressed, “My Moonstone! The planet is under attack from a rival fleet! We need to evacuate immediately!”

Moonstone, maintaining her composure, said, “Send a communication to our nearest cruisers! Tell them to send Flagships for our workers!”

Pearl made a quick salute and opened her gem hologram, “Yes, my Moonstone! Get yourself to safety! I’ll send an escort for you as well!”

Moonstone sent a communication to Blue Diamond via the emergency communication line. She could feel aftershocks from the blasts of the incoming frigate ships on her operations hub.

She took cover under her desk while she waited for her escort. Moments later, Captain Emerald, Facet-J4R7 Cut-8M8, came in to escort Moonstone to safety.

“I’m here to take you back to Homeworld, my lady! Come quickly,” said Captain Emerald, as he helped Moonstone out of her hiding place. She gazed into his eyes and then grabbed his hand.

Forgetting her panic for a moment, she noticed how brilliantly his gem shone. She also felt how firmly, but gently he gripped her hand in his, then did her best to match his pace.

Captain Emerald called for his Carrier and quickly escorted Moonstone inside.

She ignored the Nephrites attempting to show her to her chamber aboard the ship and followed Captain Emerald directly to his seat at the bridge of the ship.

Captain Emerald took his seat and waved the two Nephrites away from Moonstone.

“Let her be. Her assignment was just compromised,” said Emerald calmly, watching Moonstone look out the bridge window, as they ascended.

“Wait! There’s still someone down there! We need to go back for her,” said Moonstone alarmingly as she watched the Kindergarten grow smaller in the distance.

“We’ll send a flagship for her, don’t worry. She’ll be fine,” said Emerald, still maintaining his aloof demeanor.

“No! This is my Kindergarten and we’re going back for her,” said Moonstone with a commanding tone.

“Very well. You there, set our course back down. We’re grabbing that worker,” said Emerald, not wanting to upset Moonstone.

“Yes, Captain,” said the Nephrite.

“Open the hatch and level out once you get close enough, let’s make this a quick rescue,” said Moonstone over the Nephrite’s shoulder.

“Captain…,” said the Nephrite nervously to Emerald.

“There’s no time, just do it,” said Moonstone as she slammed the pad to open the door. She rushed down to the hatch door as quickly as she could and spotted the worker.

Fascinated by her leadership abilities, Captain Emerald pulled up his surveillance hologram and watched Moonstone.

He watched as she held out her hand from the open hatch and grabbed the Onyx that was trapped. She pulled him to safety and brought him to the chamber that was meant for her.

“Thanks. You saved my life,” said the Onyx, relieved.

“Don’t mention it. You’re valuable to our operation,” said Moonstone as she exited the chamber. She rejoined Captain Emerald back on the bridge.

As he swiveled in his chair, he greeted her with a slow clap and was joined by the crew of Nephrites in applause.

Moonstone grinned sheepishly as she made her way back to the bridge window and watched her Kindergarten be blasted into ruins.

“Captain, is my Pearl safe? We got separated during the evacuation,” said Moonstone, slightly worried now.

“Yes, my lady. She is currently on a Flagship ahead of us with coordinates set to Homeworld.

Our ships are traveling at warp 8, so we should arrive on Homeworld in time to meet her,” said Emerald, doing his best to offer reassurance.

Moonstone sat near the bridge’s observation window and stared out into the vast space ahead. That planet had so much potential.

So many wasted resources! We’re already spreading ourselves so thinly! Moonstone gritted her teeth as she thought about the loss she had suffered.

She had never failed Blue Diamond before and wondered exactly how she was going to react. Before she knew it, the Cruiser had gently touched down on the docking bay.

Captain Emerald offered his arm to Moonstone and personally escorted her off his ship, where he took her to meet her Pearl. She and Pearl ran towards each other and embraced tightly.

“My Moonstone! I’m so glad you’re alive,” said Pearl with a heavy sigh of relief. She saluted Moonstone and resumed her stiff demeanor.

“Thank you, Pearl! I’m glad you made it out as well,” she saluted back and mentally prepared herself to see Blue Diamond.

Both Moonstone and her Pearl were escorted by Blue’s Pearl to her pool chamber.

Blue Pearl gently cleared her throat and announced Moonstone with a deep curtsey, “Presenting the illustrious Moonstone and her Pearl.”

“Thank you, Pearl. You may go now,” said Blue Diamond in her soft matronly voice. Moonstone and Pearl stood at the edge of Blue Diamond’s pool.

They each stood at attention with their hands clasped behind their backs and waited for her to speak. Blue Diamond finished her grooming routine at her usual leisurely pace.

Once she had placed her pebble comb back in its cup, she addressed Moonstone.

“I’m glad to see you made it out in time, Moonstone,” said Blue Diamond.

“Thank you, my Diamond. The Emerald captain you sent was very efficient,” said Moonstone in a stoic manner.

“What happened on Axiom 6W-7? Did we lose any of our workers,” asked Blue, concern rising in her tone.

“Thankfully, no. Pearl managed to have every one of our gems safely evacuated. To my knowledge, we were attacked by an enemy fleet.

My Diamond…what does this mean for our upcoming assignments? Are we to halt production,” asked Moonstone, fearful of the possibility of being put out of commission.

“Fear not, my little Moonstone. Let me worry about your assignments. I know you couldn’t have been prepared for this attack.

I will need to speak with Yellow about sending more Obsidians to investigate surrounding planets and their moons to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In the meantime, you will be escorted by Captain Emerald and her crew to your next assignment in a neighboring galaxy. Obsidian 1X8 has already cleared a planet for you in the beta quadrant.

She is very thorough at what she does, so you will be safe,” said Blue with the utmost confidence in her choice.

“Thank you, my Diamond. We will get started right away,” Moonstone and her Pearl saluted, then turned to exit the pool chamber.

“Moonstone,” Blue called. Moonstone looked back.

“Yes, my Diamond?”

“Be careful. The Diamond Empire cannot afford to lose you.”

“Thank you…my Diamond,” said Moonstone as she gently saluted and made her way out of the chamber, Pearl following closely behind.

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