Emotional Mess|| The Thing About Love, part two
Emotional Mess|| The Thing About Love, part two emotions stories
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lithium_sun I will roast you
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Personified emotions at a boarding school what could go wrong?

Emotional Mess|| The Thing About Love, part two

It was early spring so all the flowers were blooming. Love hated flowers. He hated anything that had to do with love. It reminded him that he was *Love* happy and carefree. All butterflies and sparkles. Hearts and Candy

But he wasn’t any of those things. He was Love, sarcastic and blunt. Quiet and observant. And worst of all the least romantic person he knew.

Even Connor could flirt better than him, after he got over his confusion of course. He was broken out of his thought by a firm hand on his shoulder, “Hey Lovely.” Love froze there was only one person that called him that, Aaron.

He sighed, “Hey Aaron.” He said softly. Aaron pouted, “Now, now that isn’t anyway to great your dearest friends is it?” Aaron grinned, “Besides that, I think you should apologize to H.” Love blinked hard and stopped walking.

“Apologize? To H???” Love snorted, “He would never let me here the end of it!” “It would be all ‘Awww Lovey, looks like someone is capable of soft feelings!’ Or ‘Aww I knew you cared about little old me!’” Love said with a bad impersonation of Hate. “He already teases me enough.” Love said with a sigh.

Aaron looked amused, “You really are oblivious.” He said quietly Love brought a hand to his ear, “Come again?” Aaron laughed, “You two would make a great pair.” He said wiggling his eyebrows. Love snorted, “Yeah sure.” He said waving him away.

Aaron shrugged, “I’m just saying, you should take beautiful me’s advice, from an outsider it sure seems like you two like each other.” Aaron winked at Love. He sputtered, “H and I, date?! Hah when hell freezes over!”

Aaron looked knowingly at Love, “So your telling me you two aren’t crushing oneach other then?” Love looked at him shocked, “o-of course not! I’m literally Love and he’s Hate!” Aaron stopped walking, “And when have you ever been ‘just Love’? Name one time.”

Love’s silence spoke volumes. Aaron searched Love’s eyes for a moment, “Well then, good talk, see you soon.” And with that Aaron left Love and skipped off to his dorm room.

Love stood there for a moment before scoffing, “Aaron’s crazy. H and I? Crushing? I don’t think so.” He threw open the door too his dorm and climbed up the stairs, ready to flop on his bed.

Well yay another one down. This is the happiest story out of Therapy Group 7. I’m going to start writing Emi’s story and she had a TON of emotional trauma so get ready :’D Bi for now -Zero

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