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Once there lived a girl in a town far far away Her smile made my heart dance when I saw her


Once there lived a girl in a town far far away

Her smile made my heart dance when I saw her

She was fair and fair indeed, she was pure laughter

Her grace made the elves green with great envy

She pulled the sun out of it's pocket daily to worship her

Her name was Aria and her beauty was widely known

Wars were declared and waged for her favors

Rivers swirled in delight when she bathed in them

The rains held their rage when she danced in the garden

Aria was all grace so I wonder what she saw in me

I lay in her bosom night after night, and fear it will be the last

She calms my fears like one would calm a crying baby

She tells me her life will always begin and end with me

She vows to love me in all the lifetimes to come

I have only loved Aria for ten moons, ten moons have I loved her

Yet my heart has loved her before mountains came to be

How do I keep her favors when they are sought by noblemen?

I am only the last son of an old blacksmith

I could never buy her precious stones and jewelry

Aria loved me anyway, and it would baffle me until my last day

Her voice as soft as silk whispers promises under the stars

All her dreams became mine, her desires mine to fulfil

If I was given ten lifetimes with her, it will not be time enough

This was not just love, it was deep and bare as the sky

She says I would grow weary of her when she turns grey

Does she forget I fear she will weary of me before I am grey?

How do you assure the most beautiful being the gods created?

How do you deter the mountain that it can never touch the heavens?

I have no idea for either, I only know I will wait for her in all my lifetimes

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