The Lethal Decision...
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Life is now...🌅

By: Original Poem

The Lethal Decision...

An Original Poem...

An innocent tell tale lie whispered carelessly led me astray one night...

Falsely, it thought it’s blindingly ominous demeanour would lead to some life changing epiphany.

In regards to it, I danced perplexed by the superficiality of its magnetic field.

In the beginning, I saw the roses of a hazy red hue lining the tunnel walls to an increasingly odd, increasingly desolate end.

I could go back at any time...

There were no crude physical barricades haunting my dreams and stopping me if I decided to return to common bliss.

There was not a commonly regarded happenstance or gold-painted epiphany urgently warning me to return to common bliss.

But common diligence located deep inside began to perplex me, that returning would still allow me to use my redemption advantageously, achieving a greater sense of consciousness constantly,

not once every unforgettable happenstance.

Whenever a sliver of doubt gasped me in desperation, a newer, more dramatised element would gasp me more aggressively.

Whenever I asked myself moralising question about my regret,

the roses lining the walls grew tenfold and my attention unquestionably diverted.

Whenever I dare glanced my eye to the back of me, I swiftly felt a light shine pulsing, edging me forward with a mysterious and ominous intention...

Selfishly, I became enticed by the superficiality, the ever increasing pleasantness of this freshly established, foreign magnetism.

Simultaneously, I began to feel dramatically weighed down.

Physically, spiritually, psychologically limited to whatever energy was left. Or what energy was still possessed solely by me...

For I didn’t know, as it got more blissful, I got ever closer...

The path remained enticing, morbidly magical and perplexing.

But, for the frequency of its signature abruptly, diverting happenstance, the tunnel momentarily fell stagnant.

In that moment, I looked at my hands for the first time in a while...

They were by chance gritty, hideously wrinkled, pale and strangely monotonous.

What was this...?

My legs appeared grotesquely shrivelled like an unappetising prune.

Frantically, I looked up to what was a paradoxically nostalgic, but foreign sight!

I glared in brutally supernatural awe as I glanced upon the ancient face in the mirror.

I glared at the remnants of the face that had appeared to age a lifetime from when I last looked at it in awe.

Where was my spark...? Where was the young me...?!

The once glistening eyes I possessed ceased to glisten, but remained a monotonous brown shade.

The smooth face I once glanced upon in wonder was sickeningly pale, forlorn, uninviting and expressionless.

The brown hair that once led me invited removed itself from my head and homed itself everywhere else, in addition to removing it’s warm and rustic hue.

I thrust my eyes upon the remnants of the dilapidated room I was in...

The bricks exposed itself...

It nearly distracted me, but I recognise the dilapidation to be the architectural skeleton of my old room.

Decades beyond it’s prime...

The pictures and the memories that bathed it were long gone...

It was then dust that covered my room, leading me to cough excessively.

I had then to adjust to my grave mistake...

I paniced and frantically try my hardest to return to the once mundane reality, or so I thought, as I recollected how I took it so for granted.

I turned then to return through the deceitful, rose covered pathway I stumbled through treacherously, mentally and physically. I notice, not a deceitful tunnel, but a bolted rose door in it’s place...

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