Under Fire
Under Fire gunshot stories

lissydepp #HopelessDesperado
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For my dead big brother, Ezra. XOX RIP. I miss him so much... He was the perfect big brother

Under Fire

- For my dead big brother. Love you, Ezra. RIP-

School was normal, we aced our tests.

We were called out in front of the rest.

I'll never forget when we went to the same High School, me starting Freshman and you already Senior.

You always looked out for me the best, big brother.

We were nominated best in class,

then it happened.

Gunfire sounded in the hallway,

We were cut by shards of flying glass

You made sure I was out of the way

Then you covered me.

You hid me under a tarp in the basement, and lay yourself on top.

"Shh. Be still."

I protested

But you insisted

And the shooter shot you near to death.

He didn't see

Where you hid me.

I crawled out, scared, worried, and traumatized.

And for some reason, I never realized...

Exactly how much you meant and still mean to me.

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