You were the cause this time
You were the cause this time stories

lishaam i that bad to people
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This is dedicated to all those who think that I am a Simple fool girl who is still immature

You were the cause this time

Dear friend , I know I'm not not your best friend 'Cause you are not mine as well

You are there with me in my gala moments but during the sad ones you merge with the darkness. You need me when you want to be entertained But throw me out when you get pleased with others.

May be I'm nothing to you but you are nothing to me as well. I forgave you every time you asked for it but this time you dare not think about that. Because the pain I felt this time has changed me for forever.

I'm no more your loving guy. I'll not speak with my childish voice again I'll not even disturb you anytime. But I'll remember you for lifetime. Not as Augustus but as Brutus.

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