Oranges are not the only fruit
Oranges are not the only fruit stories

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Oranges are not the only fruit

by Liseyp

It's blown me away, when I logged in today, people had read my tormented posts, and said kind things to me, I'm sailing I'm afloat

It's amazing a felling of calm washed over me, and my ever changing moods, noone was nasty unkind nor rude, my poems are my subconscious trying to suss out were I am, I'll explain if I can

Yesterday was a manic day, anger desperation, but sharing my thoughts with you all gives me a feeling of liberation

Today I'm going to paint on a smile, pick myself up, contemplate things for awhile, hey u like my style, ha

One two three four five........... I'm in stormy waters fighting to survive, Six seven eight nine ten............. Up down round and round again again again

Smile Lisa chin up stay strong, I know this calm won't last for long, do u think I'm crazy, am I too far gone, I can't find were I belong, what went wrong

And hear it is right on time, manic angry me, screaming at the top of my voice, how can this all be,?

If u read I'm sure up understand, that I need to write there's words, this is the first time I'm allowing them to be heard, only cos I thought noone cared, ey a problem halved is a problem shared

So what's the verdict for me I ask, and plz try to be kind, can u help me try to find,,,. Myself,,the answers to my question, so I can seek redemption..... What say you

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