Losing my kids
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Losing my kids

by lisaprice

Shades of black and grey fill the world in wich i exist, never ever did i think my life would end up like this, bipolar days and nights were too strong ,i lost my way, i lost my war lost my i hea

All my life a battle with this evil illness, it stole my life corrupted my reality until i lost all i had,

Kids a distant memory, i would never dare to recall,feel isolated misunderstood feel very very small,

Is there an end to my battle, do u know what, i dont think there iwill be peace, haunted daily by memories that are relentless they wont cease,

Im sorry kids i lost myself and then i lost u, im sorry bout all the things mommy put i thru,t this is the reason i let u go and said goodbye and hid away, my head was gone somewere else ,

Thats why i walked away, it took alot to let u go but i knew deep down inside, i did my best to stay in control i really tried i tried, but madness won ,lost two daughhters and a son,

I dream of u when i sleep , memories i can keep x

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