What's the hype behind Tsu?

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What do you think about Tsu? Think Facebook is scared?

What's the hype behind Tsu?

When Facebook decides to block a website

Something has to be up

Tsu is a social network that shares their ad revenue

You keep a portion of the ad revenue and the rest goes up the chain of people who invited you

Facebook makes all the money off you. On Tsu, you do.

It's crazy to think I can make money by hanging around social media. Seems like that's what Tsu is.

Why did Facebook stop them?

Are they scared of Tsu? Interesting that a company with 1B+ MAU is scared......

They say it's because of spam

When users make money off the people they invite.....they send a lot of invites. To Facebook, these are "incentivized posts." Causes a lot of spam behavior

Seems like a reasonable reason.

That's the hype about Tsu! What do you think?

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i've never heard about tsu, but i think facebook's having a panic attack.

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Been seeing this around the news.....Facebook censoring is surprising to me