Setting a bar for yourself
Setting a bar for yourself stories
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You are only as good as where you set your bar

Setting a bar for yourself

Where you set your bar matters a lot

You are the sum of you 5 closest friends

When I played basketball with my friends, I'd always win. It's because they played only friendly games. When I played with college players, I got better so much faster

It's not about the friends. It's about the bar.

It actually didn't really matter who I was friends with. It's about where my standards were set.

The bar was at the college level

I was pushed and I improved so much faster. It was the frame of mind. I couldn't be lazy about my shots. I had to move just a bit faster.

And then I met a few pros

The bar shifted again. Again, my friends stayed the same. But this once again elevated how I had to play and think.

Every step of the way, the biggest switch was mental

There were many skills to be developed, but the playing field and the way I thought about things significantly shifted.

The way I thought about it made all the difference

You are only as good as where you set your bar

My adjustment to the statement: "You are as good as the average of your 5 closest friends"

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