Naming a Startup
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Naming a Startup

How do you name your baby?

Start with feelings, emotions, adjectives

Do a mind dump of ideas. Focus on things you want the user to feel about your particular idea

Use Animal Names, Latin Roots and More!

Use Latin roots and anything you can think of on this brain dump

Do a first pass and remove all the really bad names


Look at what domains are available. Ideally, you want a .com name.

Claim the social media usernames soon

Start Building the Brand :)


Apple founders didn't like their name and chose a date. If they didn't find a better name, they'd stick with Apple. Look what they're called today

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This is actually pretty much how we named Talenttrail and pencil haha

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I'd like to add: run it by your users and friends as well. You never know hidden meanings and connotations that everybody else seems to recognize