How to grow a Twitter Following
How I grew my Twitter following stories

lisa Cats
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How I grew my Twitter to 2k in a week

How to grow a Twitter Following

How I grew my Twitter to 2k followers in a week

Twitter is awesome!

Twitter is great for getting customers, building thought leadership, and more!

1: Choose a simple username

Avoid random symbols and keep it easy to spell. People should be able to find your username easily

Follow people in the field you're interested in

Look for thought leaders and influencers in your industry. If you don't know any, you can Google for some and look at who they follow

3: Tweet interesting content.

Try to be consistent. Engage with thought leaders with insightful comments through @ replies.

4: Follow the people who follow your influencers

People will see that you followed them and look at your profile. if they see you have interesting tweets, they’ll follow you too!

5: Unfollow people who aren't interesting

6: Repeat!

Keep following, engaging, and unfollowing and you'll see your follower account grow quickly!

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