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AOT x OC based in a film from the early 2000’s

(Based loosely off a movie from 2011) I hate my life. I would give anything to be anywhere else but here. That's what I'm thinking as I come home tipsy from the bar in my work dress, and collapse on my bed with my head pillowed on my purse. I don't remember falling asleep but when I wake up I'm in a medical bed with the most gorgeous man I never expected to see looking at me...... This "trope" follows our OC Rhey after a brutal breakup as she finds herself alone and stranded in the AOT universe caught in the middle of both a Titan war and a lovers feud as her personal and fantasy worlds collide. Now blessed with the knowledge of the series up to season three, she has the ability to change their future but can she save the people she loves before time runs out for both them and herself because you see, not everything is as it seems. The journey of a damaged mind running from the truth is different then the journey a body takes when it can no longer support the life it houses. Who will live? Who will die? And what is truly worth fighting for?

Chapter. 1 Meeting You...and Him Where do you go when your mind is so broken it needs to retreat?  Where does your heart reside when you need to banish all its darkness and believe for just one moment you aren't who you are nor will you be the person you fear most?  Do you retreat into yourself, hiding all your essence, hope, fear and sadness in a box darker than Pandora's and deeper than the black hole your soul has become?  For me, a secretary for one of the largest law firms in the city, some nights it starts at the bar, some nights it starts with my phone and the latest episode of whatever anime I can find that catches my eye as I polish off a bottle of Saint Michelle Dry Riesling in pajamas.  You would think with my job I would be rubbing shoulders with some of the largest names around as I party like the "20 year old" puma most ladies in my position are, and in essence you aren't wrong.  Tonight, however, one of those names and I had ended badly.  After 7 years on and off with various dalliances between us and no long term commitments in sight, I had finally cut it off. Sadly, he didn't take it well.  Self entitled prick thought he was too good to be broken up with, so he had tracked me down to my favorite dive bar and "humiliated me" in front of a room of drunken sots who couldn't tell their ass from a hole in the ground, nailing him the douche bag award for the night.  Why had I stayed and let him "ream me out"?  I didn't care.  I was so over it all.  Over my life, over the constant charade, over the pretense, the lying and the bullshit.  If all I had to do was sit there and let him talk out of his ass then that's an easy price to pay.  One more night of the same old shit wouldn't hurt.  Especially since he kept drinking as he did it. When he was good and drunk I left, heading home to my 2500 square foot apartment. When I got there, I didn't even care enough to undress.  Walking to the bed, I threw down my purse at the head of the bed being far more drunk than I wanted to admit, and fell on it face down.  The leather was soft and it smelt like horses, a scent that since my childhood in equestrian camp had always calmed my soul. As I lay there, eyes closed, I began to mentally scroll through the anime worlds I had come to love for fantastical places I would rather be.  Tonight didn't feel like a Fate's night, though I loved me my Chaldea boys.  It also didn't feel like a BNHA night.  Too soft core for my raw emotions.  I needed something harsher, something thrilling, something....dangerous where I could play the damsel and for ONCE get the REAL man of my dreams that wasn't too romance novel scripted. Attack on Titan it was then. As the world began to spin and I started to regret that last pomegranate martini, I latched on to the only world more chaotic than mine that carried the objects of my desire.  Ever since I saw the first episode of Attack on Titan, I had fallen in love with Levi and Erwin for their COMPLETELY opposite personalities. Erwin for the pleasure, Levi for the pain. They were two sides of the same coin. Erwin wielded power but didn't abuse it like Levi. He was reserved, confident, gentle, reliable, and sensitive (at least in my opinion). He was the kind of man that allowed you to feel like a woman, valued, beautiful, and priceless. Levi touched the darker part of my soul. The part that wanted to be abused because even negative attention was better than no attention. He was the bad boy, the heart breaker every girl thought they would be able to change, the sex god, the dominant able to exercise your dirty fantasies. Erwin would wield my heart, Levi would destroy it. So imagine my surprise when I woke up hungover and found myself staring at Erwin......... ----------- The lights......they are so bright..... I scrunch my face and try to hide it in the sheet. "I think she is waking up! Go let the Commander know!" Too loud...please...not so loud...let me lie here. But my body wouldn't let me sleep now that it had registered noise. I tried to sit up, keeping my eyes closed, and immediately regretted it as my head throbbed from my hangover and nausea swept over me. Groaning I laid back down and covered my head with the sheet. 30 more minutes please dear god just give me 30 more minutes. Eventually the noises disappeared as I fell back asleep. ------------- The next time I awoke, I made sure to slowly open my eyes in case there were any unforeseen surprises. When my eyes had adjusted to the ambiance of the room, I found it much darker being lit by only a few candles here and there. Wondering how much time had passed, I sat up to search for a clock or, actually, anything that would tell me what the hell time it was and if I had actually made it home or ended up in some cheap hotel with that asshole. Once I was up, I noticed I was far more alert than I could have hoped. No more nausea that's a plus. As I scan the room, I see a figure seated across from me against the wall. A book rests open on his leg that is crossed over his knee and he is looking at me casually. When our eyes lock, I can feel a look of amazement cross my face as my mouth opens involuntarily in shock ever so elegantly like a nutcracker at Christmas. "I'm glad you are finally awake." "You......are you.....?" "Commander Erwin Smith 13th Commander of the Survey Corp. And you are?" "Clearly hallucinating." I bite my cheek a little too hard to check if I am. "Mmnnn, damn, guess not, that hurt." I say with a slight wince as my hand rises to clasp my injured cheek. "If you feel well enough, I would like you to come back to my office for some questions. Would that be alright?" I take a deep, collective breath like some damn college intern trying to get a job during an interview with the CEO and reply, "I guess there is only one way to find out" before I carefully pull off the covers and realize I am still in my work dress. What the fuck is going on? Least it doesn't wrinkle easy so I should still look somewhat descent. Slowly swinging my legs over the bed, I look for my shoes. "Is everything alright?" I hear Erwin's voice ask in concern. "Yes." I say with evident surprise seeing as by all measure I should still have a RAGING hangover,  which I don't. Seems I'll get off with a mild headache after that second nap instead. "I just need my things, especially my shoes." "Of course let me grab them for you." Not waiting for my protest, Erwin goes and grabs my things. A few seconds later, he has my bag in one hand and my shoes in the other. That's when I notice a defining element. He still has two arms...that gives me a sense of where we are in the story at least. Still doesn't explain if this is a dream or I got so fucked up last night from that asshole slipping me something else that I am hallucinating hard core. Gently placing my bag down, he kneels in front of me. "Whaaat...you don't have to...." Gently taking first my left foot and then my right, Erwin places my shoes on my feet, which is impressive because I am wearing my 3" Gianni Binni black snake skin sling backs with the gold sole that go AMAZING with the black geometric wrap dress with deep V and collar that makes my breasts and ass simply delicious in my opinion. "It's my pleasure." He stands up, a little too close for propriety, to see me blushing. "Such a gentleman, thank you." I carefully stand, get my glasses out of my bag and put them on before putting my bag on my shoulder. "May I take your arm? I am a little unsure of my balance if where we have to go is far." I say when I turn to look at him. He hands me his elbow and I take it bashfully as we walk to his office, the sounds of my heels echoing off the floor as my stride matches his.

Chapter 2: Ground Rules Fortunately no one seems to be in the hall so we walk in silence until we get to the door where he stops, releases my hand, and opens the door for me to enter. "Feel free to sit anywhere you like." He says with a slight gesture of his hand as it points, palm up, inside the spacious room. I smile politely, enter his office, and move to sit in the chair in front of his desk. It looks softer than I imagined for a cross between a single person sofa and the kind of armchair you see in grandpa's study as a kid in the 80's or a therapists office all full of tightly pulled leather fashioned with buttons that create that weird pillow affect that should never be comfortable. "Would you like a drink?" A sudden sharp pain in my head reminds me of my folly. "If you have water then yes, please. I seem to have drank more than I should last night." I can hear him pour something into two glasses as I sit down. Within moments he is at my side handing me a blessedly cold glass. "Thank you again." He smiles and then sits on the front edge of his desk causing our legs to almost touch. Taking him in as I DISCREETLY try to utilize the full capabilities of my peripheral vision so I can get a panoramic view of his godliness, I cross my legs as if that act alone will uphold my modesty, though I can feel myself getting turned on. Leaning back in the chair to try to acquire that last modicum of distance, I try to get ahead of his questions. "So I am sure you want to know who I am and why I am here at least." I take a sip and then continue as my mouth suddenly feels dry. "My name is Rhey and about the only thing I can tell you about where it is I am from that will make any sense is that I am from outside the wall. Regrettably, I ask for you to accept that answer, at least for now. I can promise I am not a threat and most assuredly wont hurt you." At least not too badly. I think as I struggle to not let my eyes wander as I envision digging my nails into his back as we ride wave after wave of pleasure on top of that desk as I bend him over it and kneel on top of him. I quickly place the glass on my forehead to lower my temperature. Maybe the alcohol isn't completely out of my system yet. Giving my brain an internal shake to pull it back to reality, I close my eyes and breathe in and out once before saying, "I have no idea how I got here or how to get back home, but I am happy to leave and go on my way as soon as I am able." I add politely. What a time not to have a cigarette. I can tell he doesn't entirely believe me by the slight crinkle the corner of his eye gives as he shifts slightly, a clear tactic used when gathering ones thoughts. Amateur. I thought as I retained my best slightly hungover poker face.  He is going to have to try harder if he wants to hide shit from me. When he finally spoke, I was relieved but not surprised entirely by his first response.  "Well, Rhey I would love to take you at your word, but I think we need to keep you here for a while to ensure you aren't a risk to anyone." His voice neither invasive, nor dismissive, just matter-of-fact. "I can understand that."  I reply with the same matter of fact tone as I force my eyes to hold his willing every ounce of sincerity I can muster into them.  "I will happily stay where ever you deem fit.....unless it is a cell. I'm a lady after all and do not feel I could have done anything to warrant that." A smile crosses his lips briefly and I find myself relaxing a little.  At least until he replies again.  "We will not be putting you in a cell. You will, however, be staying here with me as I do not have any men to spare babysitting you." My drink, which had slowly started its ascent to my lips, stopped halfway as I stare at him in unladylike shock.  What the fuck did he just say? My internal dialogue must have been brutally apparent on my face because he backpedaled gracefully. "Don't worry. I rarely sleep in the bed anyway so you are welcome to it. I will give you all the privacy you need." I struggle to regain my composure as I look into my glass before taking a drink. Yep. This definitely needed to be a swift shot of Captain instead. I think before laughing internally at the irony of that statement as I try to keep my lip from turning up in a smile. "Well the only way I will allow that is if I can be useful to you." I say as I raise my eyes to his. "Do you happen to need a clerical assistant?" Erwin looks at me quizzically. "Do you have any experience?" The smart ass in me kicks in as I begin to feel better now that I am more hydrated and I wink at him. "For a woman of 36, I have plenty of experience, though I am not sure any of that will be relevant to you." Dear god I wish it would though. "That being said, I have over 10 years of experience in the field for several high profile individuals so I am sure I can manage whatever you throw at me." Erwin smiles, reaches for my hand, and gently pulls me to a standing position. "I think I can find things for you to do then while you are here." I clink my glass against his. "It's a deal then." I take a sip and look into his eyes......and my stomach growls loudly. His laugh at my plight warms my heart as I blush in embarrassment. "I guess you are hungry. It's late, but we can still get something to eat." "It seems like I can't say no. May I change first and take a shower?" "Of course. Shall I find you something to wear?" "I should be fine tonight. I have basic clothes in my bag in case I need to stay overnight at work so I'll be ok tonight." "Good. The shower and bedroom is through that door then. Once you have cleaned up, I can take you to get food. We will get you a uniform tomorrow." I smile and walk to the bedroom as Erwin rises and walks to sit behind his desk. Halfway to the bedroom I stop and turn to look at Erwin. "Thank you Commander for your trust and generosity." "You are welcome Rhey." He says looking at me briefly with a soft smile. -------------------------------- The water isn't hot enough. Why isn't it hot enough? Why am I not waking up? What the ever living FUCK is going on? I take my hands and roughly rub them over my body with enough pressure to leave friction burns had I not been in the shower as my mind tried to wrap around everything happening in this moment. The floor was cold, the water was hot, my hands were flaking with dead skin from rubbing against my body and I was.....naked in the shower of the Commander's personal chambers. Maybe if I put this soap in my mouth.... Gagging as the natural beef tallow of the soap hits my pallet, I drop the bar quickly and open my mouth to the scalding jets in an attempt to cleanse both my stupidity and my taste buds before I ruin dinner.  When my mouth has only the slightest residue of soap left, I take the trial size shampoo and conditioner that I had stored in my bag and massaged it into my scalp. Pleasure after the pain. Maybe some soothing stimulation will do the trick. Before I knew it, there was no more hot water left and I was still trying to massage myself to sanity. Just wash your hair and ride this out. Whatever this is, it will be over soon. Famous last words, as I would soon find out.

Chapter 3: The Captain and the Commander The next morning I woke up in the most comfortable bed in the world. Taking a huge stretch, I lie there a moment listening to the silence, and open my eyes.......to realize I had either had an AMAZING one night stand or everything that had happened wasn't a dream or at least, if it was, I was still in it. "Fuck." I say softly then jump when a knock comes at the door. "Just a second!" I say in a panic before quickly lifting the sheets to make sure I am dressed. When I have confirmed I am descent, I scramble out of the bed and open the door to see Erwin sexily leaning against the door frame with an amused smile on his face. "I thought you would never get up, though by the looks of you, you rested well." My eyes go wide and I quickly pull my hair into a messy bun with the ties on my wrist that are always there and blush as Erwin chuckles and I scrunch my face up in embarrassment. "What's so funny Commander Eyebrows?" I tease, which earns me a startled smile. "I am not gonna get any prettier with you staring like that. Give a lady some privacy and a chance to get ready will ya?" That's when he shifts as he puts his hands up in surrender about to say something but my eye catches a disheveled mess I n the couch. Glancing quickly around him, I see a blanket on the couch with one of the cushions from another chair leaning haphazardly on one end. Frowning, I look up at him and cross my arms over my chest with a look that says 'explain yourself Commander'. He catches my eye then looks at the couch before looking back at me. "It isn't as uncomfortable as you think." I give him a look that says 'I don't buy it' before chiming in with, "You know I'm old enough to keep my hands to myself. You can sleep in the bed too seeing as it is yours and..." I smile as I close my eyes and recall waking up "...amazingly comfortable." "True as that may be, we need to get your uniform some time today before I can put you to work." "Party pooper." I say before I turn and walk to the bed. Putting on my slip ons, I'm the perfect picture of lazy in my tank top and loose fitting yoga pants with a messy bun. With my shoes on and my life in a semblance of order, I grab my glasses and head over to the door, where Erwin stands watching me, a smile ghosting across his lips. ------------- They had said she was beautiful, but no one knew how true that was each moment I spent in her youthful presence. She was beautiful, delicate and strong, cute and breathtakingly sexy, put together and an absolute mess. No woman had drawn themselves into me like she had. Her body......was something I couldn't think about. Where most men would think her hips were too big, her thighs too thick or her broad shoulders un-feminine, I saw a woman who was aging ten times better than even my oldest liquor. She was a refreshing step up from the cadets I was surrounded by ever day. I had wanted to sleep in my bed with her last night but, as she said, I was a gentleman despite my thoughts not being that gentlemanly. Right now I was watching her dart quickly around the room trying to pull herself together until she stood in front of me and I realized she was smaller than I thought without shoes on. This only piqued my interest in her more than I was already since it made her more delicate in my eyes in comparison to my tall, muscular frame. She has to be 5'6" or close to it. Her size didn't make her any less intense, though. Looking in her eyes now I saw a fire and a confidence few women I came in contact with had. "Ready when you are Commander." She said, her eyes sparkling. "Then shall we go?" I asked before I backed up, allowing her to walk past me into my office before I escorted her out into the awaiting afternoon. What had I gotten myself into? -------------- If he thought she was sexy before the uniform, she was damn near erotic in it. Not being an actual cadets, she had the freedom to interpret her clothes. As a result, she was wearing the scout boots, breeches, belt and blouse everyone else did, but paired with the long scout coat and 3DMG straps criss-crossing her body, as well as the expanse of bosom exposed since she left the top 3 buttons of her shirt undone, she looked like she was into bondage. Everything fit her nice and tightly, enhancing her ample breasts and hips as the coat lengthened her back making her look slimmer and more sultry. He could feel his arousal teetering on noticeable and had to actively concentrate on everything but her. "Now that you are outfitted, shall we go eat before we jump into work?" "You read my mind." She said as she put a hand to her stomach. ------------- The minute she entered the dining hall she had put it in an uproar for the few cadets that were there. One boy stabbed himself with a fork while another walked into a wall three times staring at her. A third had spilled his drink on, whom Erwin could only guess, was his girlfriend since a jealous fight ensued. They had eaten quickly and he was currently seated at his desk with her leaning over him, her breasts close enough he could turn his head and lick her nipple if he wanted, going over some invoices when a knock came at the door. "Come in." He lifted his head to see Levi enter and stop dead, eyes growing wide briefly before addressing him. ---------- That stupid idiot. Now I have more paperwork to do courtesy of him injuring himself during practice. Levi knocked on Erwin's door and entered with papers in his hand for him to sign only to walk in to see an older cadete leaning over Erwin. She looked up when he entered , her mouth left slightly opened as she stood up straight crossed her arms in front of her chest making those incredible breasts look even bigger. Unsure if he was turned on by her or the slightly primal and territorial look in Erwin's eye, Levi turned and closed the door slowly in an attempt to regain his composure before giving Erwin his report. This was not a sight he had expected to see nor was he prepared to have his feelings for Erwin crash back against his defenses so abruptly just looking at him with another person. Cursing himself for his lack of self control and trying to hide his budding jealousy, Levi set his jaw before turning to say, "If I had realized your hands were this full I would have brought you more paperwork." ----------- He is even more sexy in person. Trying not to let my eyes wander over Levi in the flesh, I stood up straight and crossed my arms under my chest feeling suddenly insecure. I knew I couldn't possibly be attractive enough to catch his interest so I remained silent by Erwin's side as I kept a disinterested look on my face. "Levi may I introduce my new clerical assistant Rhey. Rhey this is Levi. Starting today she is solely under my command as she isn't a cadette. This means you have no ability to treat her like a subordinate so please keep that in mind." "This must be the infamous stray you picked up." He Tsk's disapprovingly "You are too trusting Commander. You don't know anything about her." I keep a straight face knowing what to expect from his personality and refusing to be baited. "She has shown great promise and will be an immense help to me. I also don't remember needing your opinion on the subject." "Don't say I didn't warn you." He says with that monotone yet condescending attitude of his. "Noted. Now what paperwork brings you to my office?" I took this opportunity to turn my back and lean against the desk. Out of sight out of mind. He wasn't good for me and I knew it.  As soon as I do, I feel his gaze bore into my back for a few seconds at my rude dismissal of him, but Erwin seemed unfazed. "One of the new recruits hurt himself training and will be out until further notice. I needed you to sign off on his temporary leave." Levi, now in more control of himself, walks towards Erwin's desk and sets the papers down in front of him. "Any permanent injuries?" Erwin inquires. "Other than the ones I gave him for being an idiot?" Erwin sighs through his nose in exasperation. "I keep thinking one of these days you will exercise kindness as you realize it goes a lot farther than fear." I turn my head and cough stifling a laugh, which comes out as more of a choking sound. I can almost hear Levi grind his teeth as he gives me that delicious glare. Erwin glances at me and I hold up my hand letting him know I am okay, though I make a fist with one hand, placing it at my mouth and hold the elbow of that hand with the other hoping to restrain myself better. Erwin signs the documents and hands them to Levi. "Anything else Captain?" "No." "You are dismissed." Levi takes the signed paperwork and leaves. Definitely a shot of Captain. I think as the door closes and I release the breath I didn't realize I was holding.

Chapter 4: Now I Lay Me Down "I think he likes you." Erwin says with a smile as he stares for a second at the closed door. I laugh good humoredly. "Is that what you call that icy stare into my back?  You must hate me then." I say as I reach out and touch his shoulder without thinking. Once the contact registers, I blush and pull my hand away creating an awkward silence for a brief second before Erwin speaks. "I think I will take a shower. That couch wasn't as comfortable after all."  Pushing back his chair as he rises, he presses his hand to his abdomen as he slides past me not meeting my eyes that have wandered to his face. "Just remember what I said." I tell his retreating form as he enters his room but doesn't close the door. I'm now in that awkward place where I can try to close the door and accidentally see something OR I can keep busy and ignore it.  I decide to remove my coat and ignore it as I lay down to test the couch in question.  Though it isn't as comfortable as his bed, it isn't uncomfortable either. Feeling a little less bad that I took it over last night, I lay down on my back and rest an arm over my eyes.  Soon my eyes feel heavy and I begin drifting off to sleep, until two strong arms lift me up in a princess carry and take me into the bedroom. The sudden motion startled me and I wrap my arms instinctively around Erwin's neck only to realize what I am doing and blush uncontrollably which causes Erwin to laugh before he gently tosses me on the bed. I quickly catch my bearings, getting up on my hands and knees ready to tackle him in retaliation when my eyes catch up with my body. His sun bleached blonde hair is slicked back. As my eyes travel down, following the beads of water as they drip down his incredible body, I take in his incredibly sculpted chest and abs. My eyes linger longer than is descent as they travel to his adonis line which is blocked by a towel that looks like it could fall at any minute. I don't realize my eyebrows have scrunched in dismay as my eyes are denied the ability to look further, but Erwin's soft chuckle brings my eyes back to his face. "You looked tired so I felt I should put you to bed, but now I find I am unable to resist joining you." That's when Erwin comes to sit down on the bed next to me. "May I join you?" My deer in headlights game is strong causing me to only be able to nod my head up and down as I sit back on my heels drinking in his gorgeousness.  Pulling his feet up onto the bed, still in his towel, he puts his arms behind his head and lays on his back as he closes his eyes. I sit staring for a moment, then lay on my side facing him and close my eyes. For several minutes I listen to his breathing and peek at him through low lashes. When it sounds like he is asleep, I slide out of bed imagining myself a Ninja and, taking the top sheet, cover him so he doesn't get cold. With him half ass covered, I too crawl under the covers and carefully undress, placing my uniform on the floor. Naked and very nervous, I close my eyes and swear to every god I will never be able to sleep. ------------ It had been a long time since I had a woman, a real woman not some flighty cadet, in my bed.  After Lina, a military police cadet I had been in love with, died during the Shiganshina District epidemic, I hadn't had the heart to invest in another person on an emotional level.  That doesn't mean I hadn't been intimate, I just didn't like repeating history.  At least not until Levi Ackerman had joined the Survey Corps.  In the beginning, it was an unrequited hate from him and curiosity from me that drew us together.  As time went on, and his attempt on my life failed, we established a growing respect and level of intimacy that eventually turned into an unexpected romance. A unique combination of feminine masculinity, Levi sated my desire for a companion who was more realistic, combat competent, challenging intimately and completely loyal.  Our relationship was intense one minute and stale the next, but never boring.  So why did I stray to Eren?  Looking back in it, it was my inability to break down Levi's walls and get him to be adventurous intimately.  Only Eren knew how bad my need for a thrill was and that the kinkier something was the more I liked it.  He had found out accidentally when he caught me on my sex chair with a noose around my neck doing light choke play on one of the free days we had.  Needless to say, he gave me no choice but to leave Levi unless I wanted my secret out.  What made me think I could indulge in this woman now lying next to me without the same repercussions?  Nothing.  I just liked the thrill.  It was all I had to keep me from counting the dead and falling on that noise for real as I released my own selfish regrets in a puddle of my own filth.  It wasn't my time yet.  There were still answers I needed and right now, those answers lay in the warmth of this woman and the love I desperately wanted to return to. ————— When I woke up there was a pleasant weight across my waist and a large soft warmth at my back. Not fully conscious, I roll over and moan softly as I curl against it and nuzzle into it's soft areas. It is smooth and reassuring with a smell like cedar and vanilla. I do this for a few minutes until a soft, deep moan caresses my ear causing my eyes to shoot open as I gasp softly, my back arching towards the warmth in front of me pressing my naked body into it.  That's when I feel a large, masculine hand grab my ass and pull me forward as soft lips bite and kiss my neck. It takes me a few minutes to realize I am naked against Erwin who somehow, still wrapped in a towel, got under the covers and snuggled up next to me. Nothing is more sobering than finding a hot man in bed with you attempting to ravage you first thing upon waking. "Erwin....mmmm.....Erwin are you awake?" "Ever since you started snuggling up next to me." He says breathily. "I'm sorry Erwin I didn't mean to. I didn't know it was you." He kisses my ear. "I didn't give you much choice did I? And I don't plan on giving you much choice now." He pulls off his towel and, pulling me against him, bites down my neck to the tops of my breasts as he locks me to him with his hand that is still on my ass.  I moan again and again, my nails digging into his chest as his lips begin to brush against my nipple. "You have invaded my mind since the moment I saw you. You are the most exquisite creature I have seen and you make me feel young and alive. You make me want to devour you and that is exactly what I plan to do." He didn't ask permission, nor did he need to. I couldn't and wouldn't resist him. Can anyone honestly say that if their fantasy was sitting hot and bothered in front of them, they wouldn't jump on the chance to take them?  Life is full of selfish regrets and stupid choices.  If I really took the time to sit down and assess the situation, I probably would have done otherwise, but I still had yet to confirm if this was a dream or not so where was the harm in indulging?   Sitting up, he takes my nipple between his lips and rolls me on top of him.  His body is solid and firm, immediately making me weak with the anticipation of being over powered by his sheer mass alone.  The more I feel of him as his hands slide up and down my thighs, the worse my judgement gets as the passion and self serving side of me wins out. "Erwin you have no idea.  No idea." Looking down at him I see his eyes also spark with passion. Losing the last shred of whatever dignity I was lying about having, I lean down and kiss him deeply, running my hands from the gouges I left on his chest to his cheeks before our lips collide and tongues penetrate each other.  With his hands free to roam, Erwin runs them from my ass to my arms then back down again as he kisses me softly but passionately, never over dominating. My whole body is on fire, filling up with desire. My legs are becoming slick from the feel of him and friction of my sex against his flesh allowing me to slide easily up and down the length of him as he gently guides my hips back and forth, resisting the urge to enter me. "Erwin." I whisper against his ear as I run my hands through his hair. "Rhey." He says into my neck as he tucks his hands under my ass cheeks. Placing his fingers so they can lift me and reach around to the base of my ass, he gently separates my lips from behind in preparation to penetrate me. "Erwin, I want you." That's when even my soul goes silent, my cries echoing only in my mind as his entire length suddenly slips easily into me. He is so engorged I feel him on all of my walls and so long he hits my spot on the first thrust.  My weight is nothing to him and I am easily 160lbs. Lifting me easily, he sets his own pace up and down as he holds me to his chest, my moans drowning in his kisses.  As tears of pleasure escape the corner of my eyes, I lean back, allowing him to take my nipples into his mouth at will. There is no place I don't want him to touch, no place I want to be deprived of him.  As his lips map the topography of my skin, his hands create a three dimensional image of my most sensitive areas as they memorize pressure, texture, and depth.  With each stroke, lick, bite and suck my pleasure increases as the man of my dreams and the man of this foreign reality collide and overwhelm me.  I never stood a chance of resisting his ministrations.  With my orgasm fast approaching courtesy of my skin now being so sensitive I whimper if he even gently blows on it, I let him carry me effortlessly over the edge. "Erwin, I'm almost ready." I whimper He deftly moves us so I am on my back again before he begins going faster and harder as I bite his shoulder hard and tear at his back. I can feel his body begin to tense and I pull my knees as close to his shoulders as possible as I wrap my legs around him allowing him to go even deeper into me. With one final bite on my neck I feel his release and my body caves, washing us both in each other's orgasm as tears stream down my eyes and he pulls me against him tightly. Snuggling into his neck as the feeling of vulnerability washes over me, he strokes my back and my hair until the tears stop. When they do, he pulls back a little and lifts my chin to look at him as he asks, "Did I hurt you?" With fear, longing and loneliness in my eyes I look at him and say, "The better question is are you going to hurt me? I'm not okay with this being a one time thing Erwin nor will I share you with anyone else." "I am yours Rhey. I will never betray you. And I want only you." As he says that he flips me over, slides down my body, spreads my legs and envelopes my lower lips with his, bringing me to another breath taking climax within minutes.  When we have come down from our second high, he places his lips on my neck and sucks hard enough to leave a mark before traveling to the top of my breast and doing it again. "I expect you to wear those proudly and if they start to fade I will have to put them back." I put my hand on his cheek and my lips to his neck right below his jaw leaving my own mark in a place he can not hide. "You are a devil and it only makes me want you more."  He says with a sultry grin. I purr softly before laying down next to him and snuggling into him before drifting off into blissful sleep.  There would be plenty of time to regret this turn of events later, but right now I was selfish and only wanted to believe that for one brief moment I was exactly what he wanted.  I was a firm believer in taking chances when they came my way, even in dreams, so even if I did wake up I refused to feel like I missed a chance to be the person I always wanted to escape to.

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