I Think I Love You So // Killugon
I Think I Love You So // Killugon killugon stories

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"Do you feel it too?" Gon thought to himself while thinking about Killua.

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I Think I Love You So // Killugon

Gon was always out there until he noticed that he liked his best friend, Killua.

Every time they even touch he thinks "do you feel it too?" No matter even if it's a friendly hug he feels that way. After a while, he began just writing in a journal.

The Journal goes back to when they first met. The first line starts with just a simple "I know we only just met." Everything on Gon's mind was Killua.

He began needing advice, he couldn't deal with his feelings anymore. So, he went to Leorio, he somewhat regretted it in the end.

He told him to go with it, nothing bad will happen. So, he did. He had help planning it out. Yet, he still regretted it? Gon didn't even know if Killua felt the same way.

Yet, he went through with it anyways.

When the time came Gon was a sweating mess.

Waiting for Killua to show up to the place he picked right after Killua's work, he began to practice his lines till he saw the white-haired male come in his eyesight.

Killua stopped and said, "What's up, why do you need me here?" That's when he noticed how nervous he is.

The words just spilled out of Gon's mouth. "I'm interested but distant to a fault, but I think I love you so." A shy smile came on Gon's face and that made Killua smile.

"I think I love you so too." Pulling Gon into a hug, they began to talk home.

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