His Butler, Smashed Up I
His Butler, Smashed Up I blackbutler stories

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Ciel has a crush on his butler, will the demon notice?

His Butler, Smashed Up I

As Ciel got older he stopped getting missions by the Queen, he didn't mind till he got lonely. It let him spend more time with his butler, that's simply what he wanted.

As sick as that is, it's true.

Elizabeth also stopped coming, which surprises him. He isn't mad it's been better for his anger issues.

That's the only thing about not having anything to do but paperwork and the school work Sebastian gives him. Dance lessons are the worst.

If he wasn't conflicted about how he felt maybe dance lessons would be easier, but being in denial hasn't helped him at all.

Having a demon butler he thought everything would be easier, which is entirely not true. It could be worse, though. Sebastian runs most of Ciel's company.

"Young Master, here's your afternoon tea." His butler, Sebastian told him in a monotone voice. Everything he did with ease. That's what pissed Ciel off.

"Just sit it down, I'm in the mood for something sweet." Swatting Sebastian off he felt something in his chest? Like his heart beating faster. In his thoughts, he screamed, "no, no, no.

This can't be happening."

A confused look surpassed his face, "I'm getting Mey-Rin forgot to tell you, you have someone coming in and talk about their section of the new candies we are making.

So, dinner will be earlier. Also, what's wrong? Your heartbeat is beating fast?" Sebastian was confused and it was beginning to show.

"Okay, make everything perfect. If it's that rat that sold his company give him the Phantomhive hospitality.

" A smile made its way onto Ciel's face, this is really the only thing he enjoyed about the company that was passed down to him.

Bowing down the butler left the room. Ciel was holding his breath and he didn't know he had. He doesn't know why he was, but he thinks he likes his own butler. He wouldn't know, though.

He's never loved, anyone. He obviously cares about Sebastian, but he didn't think it'll get like this.

After two hours of nonstop working on paperwork after that, he heard a knock on the door. "My lord, he's here." A smile was flashed upon the demons face.

The Earl felt his face get hot by that simple action.

"Of course, let's get going, shall we?" He wonders who the guest is, Sebastian didn't even call him by his name. Damian, the man who tried to scam them out of money from stuff animals.

"Why is he back again?" This made Ciel bored, he thought it was going to be someone new. Not someone who already messed up everything up the first time.

"Oh, hello, Lord Phantomhive." A smile was on the man's face and Sebastian didn't even trust him. "I'd like to talk about those sweets we are making together."

This didn't really mess with Ciel's thinking as Damian wanted. "You really are going against our plans? I'm giving you extra to get the hell away from me.

" As Ciel spoke he felt his butler right behind him.

"Now, now, young master, we shall treat our guests with the Phantomhive Hospitality." Just those three words scared the businessman more than anything he could say to the Phantomhives.

"Please, enjoy dinner tonight. We will be serving Eton Mess. "

When Sebastian carried on with what he was speaking Ciel zoned out but was staring at him when he saw the butler looked at him he blushed and looked away. This happened a few times.

All the times he was caught.

As they began walking to the pool room his butler whispered in his ear, "you know, I thought you'd be better at covering your tracks." This made Ciel blush.

"Shut up, you damned demon," no matter what, he couldn't be dominating, not an ounce of him can put in an order.

A smirk came from Sebastian, "Of course, My Lord."

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