His Butler, Murder.
His Butler, Murder. sebaciel stories

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This is just the start of Sebastian and Ciel. Serving The Queen while also finding out true feeling in the end?

His Butler, Murder.

A serial killer is on the loose, the only reason why Ciel cares is that the queen wants him to go check it out. The queen's guard dog is all he is to the royal family.

The Phantomhives have been serving them for years. After his family died in the fire it was just up to Ciel and his demon butler, Sebastian.

"My lord, I've got the carriage ready for you. We shall be leaving soon if you want to make it by nightfall." With that, he fixed his master's tie and led him to the carriage.

Sebastian was never one to drive the carriage. Ciel liked it when he was in the back with him. It's easier for him to bug him for sweets.

After awhile of Ciel bugging for at least a slice of cake before dinner, his butler gave him it. Blackberry Cornmeal Cake is what he had today.

Knowing his master would be able to eat dinner he sat there in silence whilst looking outside.

"Sebastian," Ciel says silently "You did well today, thank you." With that, he looked in his lap again. He didn't think he'd get a reply out of the demon but to his surprise he did.

"Thank you, Young Master. It means a lot coming from you. We will be arriving shortly." With a smile, he began looking out of the carriage. Ciel began drifting off into a deep sleep.

Sebastian was looking at Ciel for the rest of their trip. It's rare when the boy falls asleep somewhere other than his bed. While they're on the queen's missions Ciel hardly sleeps.

He doesn't feel safe being alone in these locations. With that Sebastian has to keep him company. Or at least get him tired enough to take just a nap.

When the carriage came to a stop he shook his master awake. "Please, wake up, my lord. We are here." As Ciel got out of the He looked at the hotel they were staying at.

While the coachman looked up at it with amazement.

"You couldn't find someplace better, Sebastian?" Ciel said while frowning.

"No, my lord. Not on such short notice." Leading The Earl to the hotel he got out a bag of money and handed it to the coachman. "Thank you, you will also be staying in the hotel.

We will wake you up when we need you. Or we will simply get you. We won't need you so just relax. Do whatever you want."

"Thank you so much, sir. Please, enjoy your trip and come get me whenever you need me!" Ciel snorted at that.

Checking out into their room they receptionist looked at the three of them and said: "you have three people, don't you guys need 3 rooms?" Laughing at that Sebastian responded.

"No, we don't. The Earl refuses to sleep in hotels. Now, please check us in and we will get on with our night and you can with yours." with that she handed him two room keys.

Giving the coachman a key then looked at his master and said "come on, young lord. This way."

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