Writing prompt 01: Door aka New House
Writing prompt 01: Door aka New House door stories

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A new house can come with many surprises

Writing prompt 01: Door aka New House

They had just moved in a few months ago, Claire having decided that the country was the perfect place to start over after the divorce.

She'd set the kids free into the yard once they'd chosen their rooms and unpacked their boxes.

She could hear them screaming and yelling as they ran around, dancing through the sprinkler in an effort to cool themselves in the hot summer weather.

Looking out over the peaceful scene, Claire couldn't help but think she had chosen a good place to pick up the pieces.

The scratching woke her, faint at first then growing in frequency and determination the longer she tried to ignore it.

She'd tried for several days to put it out of her mind, thinking it was some form of rodent clawing at the walls. They were prevalent in the country, and it was the perfect excuse to get a cat.

She thought the fur ball would put and end to the scratching but it didn't. When it became too much for her to ignore, she decided to track it down.

It no longer sounded like a normal rodent, more like something bigger trapped in the walls.

The noise increased in frequency as she neared the attic, flash light in hand in case something jumped out at her.

She felt a chill grow up her spine as she remembered the neighbor's gossip about the house being haunted.

She didn't believe such things in the light of day, but as the saying goes, at night she was a little more open to the experience.

She expected to find evidence of the rats but the attic was spotless, not even a cobweb which was surprising. The scratching was growing louder, which was how she found the door.

In the entire attic, this was the only place that seemed new. The hinges were still shiny in the light of the moon and her flashlight, it looked like it had been put there recently.

She could hear the scratching behind the door and tried the door knob to see if it would open. The door was locked, but the jiggling woke something on the other side.

She could hear the scratching again, more determined as well as an anguished moan coming from the floor.

There was no key that she knew of to this door, so she decided to leave it for the morning when she could see better.

The moaning penetrated her ears as she tried to sleep, making her heart race as along with it came pounding and that awful scratching.

She had left the house for a few hours to try to regain some peace, had spoken to the neighbors just to get a feel for the place and had mentioned the door in the attic.

No one she spoke to remembered there being a door upstairs but there was once again the legend that the house was haunted.

Apparently people had been disappearing inside it for years, and never seen again.

Putting this up to folklore, Claire returned to the attic to see if she could unlock the door or at least take it off the hinges but the story of ghosts kept her at bay.

The moaning continued for several days, the children claiming they hadn't heard anything and eventually Claire realized the best option would be to ignore it.

Eventually the noises stopped and the door was forgotten.

It would be years before the door would be opened, by new owners who had purchased the house after Claire had moved to be with her children.

Unlike with Claire, the door was no longer new, and looked like it hadn't been opened in a very long time. Once the hinges were off, the truth was revealed.

Newspapers all over the world spread the story, the details too interesting to pass up.


The body of Maxwell Fellers, (45) was found yesterday in the attic of his wife's home.

Reports claim she purchased the house after Fellers kicked her and her children out of the house to make room for his new mistress and her children.

Neighbors claim the house had been on the market for years due to a sordid past and that Claire Fellers and her children had been exemplary neighbors. They never suspected anything.

Reports claim Maxwell Fellers went missing six months after his divorce. Friends claim he regretted the divorce and had gone to his ex-wife's new home to beg her to take him back.

No missing persons report was filed because it was assumed he and his wife had reconciled and moved into the house together.

Experts claim Maxwell was most likely knocked unconscious and dragged into the attic where his wife used left over bricks from the building of a kiln to wall her ex-husband into

a 5x5 room where he was forced to remain for the rest of his life.

How long he was kept in this condition is unclear but witnesses claim to have seen scratches in the floor and walls as the man tried to claw his way out of his prison.

When questioned his ex-wife said nothing more than, "The house made me do it..."

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