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Sometimes they come back again and again


Today, Sarah Witman will die. Her death has been preordained by the church to occur at sunset, not 4 hours hence.

Her trial, or what one can call a trial in this backwards land, was swift and merciless. One after another, witnesses were brought forth, each giving evidence to her "damned soul".

Her neighbors claim she had run naked through the woods, calling out in the Verbos Diablo, and when it was attempted to restrain her,

that she used the strength of ten men to escape her captors and flee into the darkness. No less than three women claimed she gave them the evil eye and caused their children to be born dead.

The most damning however was the preacher himself who claimed Sarah came to him, and tried to seduce him away from both God and his wife.

The girl claims knowledge of none of this, and those who know her know she would do none of these things.

She pleaded for mercy, claimed she was innocent, demanded a priest and still she was found guilty of witchcraft.

In two hours, she will be led to the bridge and offered one last chance to confess to her witchcraft and harlotry.

Should she confess, she will die with a lie on her lips, should she not, she will die innocent of her crimes.

Either way, she will be hanged, drowned, or burned depending on how grievous the sins she allegedly committed are.

The pigs that deem themselves worthy of judging her innocence are far more tainted than she could ever be.

The man who claims she tried to seduce him away from the Lord has ruined more than a dozen virgins with his lust and desires, so I see no reason to point the finger at Sarah.

Especially since, I know for a fact the girl is innocent.

The people who have made claims against her are correct, her gaze did cause those stillbirths, and she did use the strength of ten men to escape those men who tried to keep her from the woods.

But it was not her doing...but mine. I so love the rampant fear present in this time, it makes it so much easier to discard my hosts.

Sarah was fun for awhile but a demon like myself needs something more suitable to their needs, which is why I've been hiding inside her little sister for nearly three months now.

Sarah remembers nothing between when I entered her and when I left, and I never intended to use the little one for so long. But upon entering her, I found a darkness that rivals my own.

I think I'll stay in this one a little longer. Her sweet face and youth will hide my deeds well until I can find another host.

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