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It's not always the answer


My husband tried filing for divorce so he could go live with his 19 year old mistress. He came to his senses when he discovered the first bruises.

The doctor told him it's beginning stage leukemia and treatment has began immediately.

He begged me to forgive him, claiming he needed me more than ever. His mistress, disinterested in caring for a sick man, has done as I expected and disappeared.

My husband was heartbroken for awhile. He's since realized how silly he was to try and run off with her.

He tells me every day how much he loves me, and how grateful he is that I've forgiven him. I love hearing him say that because it means he's still clueless.

How can he not see I have no intention of forgiving him for both cheating and trying to leave me.

I've known about the affair since it started, that's when I knew I had to do something to preserve my way of life.

It was easy getting the warfarin, and even easier to slip it to him in every meal. The bruises make him seem like he's got cancer but really it just means my plan is working.

Once his blood has thinned enough I'll arrange for a little "accident" and let him go. I might even take pity on him and tell him his little whore didn't leave him...

she's been buried in the backyard for days.

I was never going to let him leave me. Till death do is part...

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