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limerenceWalking on the shoulders of giants.
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Lovers of Love

by limerence

When I was 16 falling in love was easy.

It was holding back that was difficult.

"Be still my beating heart."

Stay where you are. Let the blue eyed boy go - his smile was only polite.

Stay where you are. Let the happy boy go - his lips pulled back subconsciously.

And what is the point of a rib cage if it can't keep an overly ambitious heart at bay?

And tell me, how do I move on when I've left so much of me behind?

I miss 16.

I miss the happy. I miss the spark. I miss the wonder. I miss the butterflies.

Because at 24, nervous feels like a headache.

And butterflies feels like a stomachache.

And the blue eyed boy is ice cold. And the happy boy brings happy to all the other girls too.

So, even if I am only a half of a whole person

I'll cut my hair, and Color my lips. I'll hold my own hand, and I'll move on.

Because I would rather sleep alone, than sleep next to you and wonder where you are.

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