Egg Shell Thin
Egg Shell Thin building stories
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limerence Walking on the shoulders of giants.
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Egg Shell Thin

by limerence

Maybe I don't know how to walk in a straight line most of the week days.

And maybe I want to be high heels and lace bodysuits, But I'm more like a mismatched washed out sweatsuit.

Maybe I want to be current strong, And take down anything that stands in my way.

But maybe I am egg shell thin - And my mind?Scrambled eggs.

And maybe I want to be a skyscraper, Tall enough to reach up and touch the clouds.

But I'm an unfinished basement, And I flood with every passing winter storm.

But this I know:

Dancing happens in circles, and Sweatsuits are warm and comfortable, and Gentle streams live longer, and Eggs have important Omega 3, and Every building starts off as a basement.

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