Maladaptive Day Dreaming (A Bored Mind)
Maladaptive Day Dreaming (A Bored Mind) mental-illness stories
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limboWords are just words.
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This one isn't poetic, just personal.

Maladaptive Day Dreaming (A Bored Mind)

by shutupge

I was six years old.

I was waiting to reach our chalet. Letting my mind entertain itself for one and a half hour drive.

I was eight years old.

I had trouble falling asleep so I made up stories until I did so.

I was ten years old.

I read books that I loved so much, I had to create some sort of continuation.

I was twelve years old.

And the characters that book once gave me had done their time. I made up new ones myself.

I was fourteen years old.

I paced around for hours, living in my head, to give my character new lives and new stories.

I was sixteen years old.

I gave my character life every minute of every hour.

I am seventeen years old.

Now I know, it isn't simply "odd" to severely day-dream all the time and having her take so much place in my life. I'm glad I can now put a term on what's going on in my head.

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